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Message to the Corps #3 from RADM Jon Yuen, Chief of Supply Corps
Message to the Corps #3 from RADM Jon Yuen, Chief of Supply Corps
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Supply Community,

On May 17, 2017, I provided the below statement to the U.S. District Court, Southern District of California in the sentencing hearing for CAPT (ret) Robert Gilbeau.  I was asked to provide a statement focusing on the impact that CAPT (ret) Gilbeau's actions have had on the Supply Community.  In other words, I was there representing all of you, and I want you to know what I said on your behalf.

This was not an easy task, but it was a necessary step for us all to be able to continue repairing the damage done by some of our former members.  I want you all to know that actions not consistent with Navy Core Values have consequences.

I previously shared with you thoughts about the two sides of the concept of accountability: (1) holding those accountable for their misdeeds and (2) taking accountability for each other as we reach out to help our shipmates stay on the right path.  As we move forward, I hope to be able to focus more on the second meaning.



Good Morning Your Honor.  I am Rear Admiral Jonathan A. Yuen. I currently serve as Chief of Navy Supply Corps and Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command (or "NAVSUP").

I thank Your Honor for the opportunity to again address this Court. The Vice Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral William Moran, provided a written statement expressing the impact of this particular Defendant's actions on the U.S. Navy, as an institution, and the members in its service.  I offer the Court the following elaboration on the impact the Defendant's actions have had on the U.S. Navy Supply Corps.

As Chief of Supply Corps, I am the community leader for approximately three thousand Supply Corps officers and 20,000 Sailors. As NAVSUP Commander, I am the Supply Chain Manager for the Navy, responsible for providing parts, ordnance, fuel, food, and other supplies to sustain our forces throughout the world. The entire NAVSUP enterprise includes more than six thousand nine hundred civilians, one thousand five hundred enlisted Sailors and five hundred and fifty Supply Corps officers, serving at NAVSUP headquarters and in several subordinate commands.  

Our overall mission can be summed up in the phrase, "Delivering the right stuff, to the right place, at the right time and at the right cost."  I am stationed at NAVSUP headquarters and live in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Since assuming command in October 2013, there have been many difficult days, but today is particularly difficult for me.  

In the summer of 1979, Captain (ret.) Robert Gilbeau and I started our Navy careers together at the United States Naval Academy.   It was very difficult for me to learn the details of his criminal and dishonorable activities.  I take no pleasure in presenting this statement, but it is important for this Court to hear the damage his actions have inflicted on our Supply community and our Navy.

After graduating from the Academy, we both became Supply Corps officers in 1983, starting at the rank of Ensign and working our way up to Flag Officer, before the Defendant was reduced to the rank of Captain at his retirement.  Over the years, we served with some outstanding Supply Corps officers, enlisted Sailors and civilians, whose professionalism, dedication and sacrifice were inspiring. When he was a Rear Admiral in our community, the Defendant should have been a role model to every hard-working Supply Corps officer; particularly those who aspire to earn, the rank of Admiral.  Instead, by lying to investigators about the true nature of his relationship with Leonard Francis, and destroying evidence of that relationship, he embarrassed the junior officers he was supposed to inspire.  

The scandalous nature of his actions while serving as a Supply Corps officer assigned to ships operating in the Pacific theatre further cast unfair suspicion on every Supply Corps officer who operated in that theatre during those years, causing people to wonder if they too were corrupt.     I offer this fact to the Court because the vast majority of Supply Corps officers who served in Asia got the job done without compromising their duty or their ethics.  Those dedicated professionals are angry and appalled to be associated with this kind of behavior.  I am here to represent them -- and ensure their voices are heard.

I reject any suggestion that it was necessary to compromise standards when operating in Asia during any of the years that fall under the GDMA timeframe.  In the simplest of terms, the fact that any Supply Corps officer would be motivated by a desire to enrich themselves, when their focus should be exclusively on the needs of the ship and the crew, is a fundamental betrayal of what all of us in the Supply community have dedicated our lives to do.

There are over six thousand nine hundred dedicated civilians in the Supply community -who should also be heard on this matter.  I am honored to have among our NAVSUP family, civilian men and women who helped train both the Defendant and me when we were junior officers over 30 years ago. Our civilians are more than employees -- they are proud professionals who are personally invested in the reputation and welfare of the Navy Supply community.  They too feel embarrassed and angered by the actions of the Defendant and others caught up in the GDMA scandal.

Our civilian members who work in the area of providing husbanding contracts were among the hardest impacted by the GDMA scandal.  These contracts secure the goods and services to U.S. warships and other naval vessels visiting foreign ports, what we refer to as "husbanding." When the criminal conduct of GDMA and certain US Navy members, including this Defendant, came to light, it was these men and women who did the heavy lifting, working long hours under stressful conditions, to completely overhaul the procedures for securing husbanding contracts, as referenced by the VCNO in his letter.

The contracting mission carries with it broader strategic implications.  It extends beyond securing needed goods and services. It even extends beyond being good stewards of the taxpayers' money.  When operating overseas, the contracting mission demonstrates to foreign contractors and officials how Americans do business.  Supply Corps officers are taught that our Navy's business practices must project integrity, fair dealing, and adherence to the rule of law if we expect others in the world to follow suit.  Participating in, and supporting corruption in the foreign ports we visit weakens the power of our economic example, and thereby harms our mission, while encouraging dangerous elements seeking to gain a foothold through corruption and fraud to threaten our national security.

The misconduct of those, like the Defendant, convicted of participation in the GDMA corruption scandal has had, and will continue to have, a far-reaching impact upon the Navy Supply community, in the way we perform our mission, the way others perceive us, and especially in how we think and feel about ourselves. The Defendant's misconduct while serving as a Supply Corps officer has seriously damaged the community he served for more than 30 years.  While some may see today as a setback, it is a necessary part of the healing process.  Those who have engaged in criminal conduct must be held accountable for their actions before we can repair the damage they have done.

Finally, Your Honor, I'd be remiss if I didn't add that I am extremely proud of the Supply community's resilient response to this scandal, and dedication to making things right again.  We are restoring our rock-solid reputation that was earned by honoring our promises and ensuring our customers' needs are met, serving the warfighters who serve this great nation.

While the misdeeds of a few of our members - like the Defendant and others who this Court has previously sentenced -- have made things difficult the last few years, I have complete confidence that the dedicated men and women who serve in the US Navy Supply community will succeed in taking our Navy to new heights of reliability, innovation, performance, and respect.


Rear Admiral, Supply Corps, U.S. Navy
May 24, 2017

Recollections of DaNang from a Supply Officer's Point of View
Recollections of DaNang from a Supply Officer's Point of View
RADM (ret) Robert Phillips gives a fascinating account of the Navy Supply Corps involvement in DaNang, Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Photos from RADM (ret) Phillips
May 26, 2017

Cruise the Douro for sightseeing and wine tasting
Cruise the Douro for sightseeing and wine tasting
Are you signed up for the 2018 Oakleaf River Cruise on the Douro in Portugal? If you’re a fan of wine tasting, you won’t want to miss this trip.
Lettie Teague of the Wall Street Journal recently returned from the Douro Valley in Portugal and reported on the “very good” wines in an article on March 23, 2017. Known for their port, Teague was pleasantly surprised with the “first-rate” dry reds and whites. Teague reported that little is known about the Douro reds and whites because they have only been around for a couple of decades but their Port dates back to 1756.

After two highly successful and enjoyable European river cruises, the Foundation is excited to offer a third cruise - exploring the Douro River in Portugal.  This eleven day cruise will begin on 3 August 2018, in Porto, Portugal, cruise along the breathtaking Douro River to Vega de Terron and return to Porto on 13 August 2018.  Please see the attached “Oakleaf Cruise UNFORGETTABLE DOURO” for detailed information.  Some highlights:
  • Open to Foundation members and their friends and families.
  • Reservations will begin on a first-come-first-served basis beginning at 0900 PST (1200 EST) 17 January 2017. 
  • If you intend on taking this cruise, you need to make your reservations early as there are only 48 cabins available on the 5-star Scenic Azure
  • Scenic is offering a three night pre-cruise Lisbon package.
  • If we book 75% of the rooms within 75 days, Scenic will donate to the Foundation the value of two E cabins ... $20,600.
  • As we did on the last cruise, a $200 tax deductible contribution to the Foundation will be collected at time of booking.
  • All who have traveled with Scenic know this will be an amazing cruise.
Here is a video about this itinerary.  Scenic Video

Click here to view the Scenic Azure deck plan. Diamond Deck cabins have the added perk of being able to partake in a 6 course wine pairing dinner to be reserved on board which is included in the price.
Cabins still available:
Diamond Deck
P Category  302,303,  309,  310, 
PA Category 311-319
Sapphire Deck
B Category 205-208
BB Category 212 - 217
C Category 218 - 220
Jewel Deck
D Category 102, 102

Any questions can be directed to Pat Loeser of Loeser Travel Services (760) 743-2971 or email


The Oakleaf cruise UNFORGETTABLE DOURO just got better.  Working with Scenic, we have identified two additional benefits for our travelers.
For a limited time Scenic is offering contract airfare at 2017 rates.  For bookings made by 15 May 2017, Scenic will honor the 2017 contract rates for the 2018 sailing.  If the 2018 contract rates are lower, they will honor the lower fare.  Details on the airfare promotion are provided in this link
In addition, Scenic will donate the value of one E cabin to the Foundation not tied to the previous occupancy requirement of 75% booking within 75 days.  This means travelers can expect to receive approximately an additional $100 rebate or have the option of providing a donation to the Foundation.  This is in addition to the $350 discount received at booking.  Details will be provided upon your arrival on board the Scenic Azure.

Remember, the airfare option is only good for bookings and deposits made by 15 May 2017.  Also the donation of the value of the second E cabin will only occur if 75% occupancy is achieved by 15 May 2017.
If you currently have a booking and would like to have the air promo added to it, please contact Pat by email and she will add this to your reservation.
You can opt out of the air promotion at any time prior to ticketing.
We are currently at 40% occupancy with reservations open for only six weeks. 
Any questions can be directed to Pat Loeser of Loeser Travel Services (760) 743-2971 or email

December 08, 2016

March issue of The Oakleaf available online
March issue of The Oakleaf available online
Check out the March issue of The Oakleaf, newsletter of the Navy Supply Corps Foundation. This issue includes information on the 2018 Oakleaf cruise on the Douro River in Portugal, Foundation donors, Career transition committee, Volunteer service opportunities, as well as our close up articles and more!
March 02, 2017

Services for Melvin R. Laird, Distinguished Alumni of the Navy Supply Corps Foundation
Services for Melvin R. Laird, Distinguished Alumni of the Navy Supply Corps Foundation

Services for Distinguished Alumni Melvin R. Laird will be held this Friday,19 May 2017 at 1500 at Arlington National Cemetery. LTJG Laird will be honored by a ceremony at the Memorial Chapel followed by interment. If attending, strongly recommend being in place NLT 45 minutes before the ceremony.  Directions, parking, and other information may be found at:

LTJG Melvin R. Laird is a former Navy Supply Corps Officer, WWII veteran, and awardee of The Purple Heart.  He also served our nation as White House Domestic Advisor, Secretary of Defense, and Member of the House of Representatives from Wisconsin's Seventh District. 

Melvin R. Laird graduated from Carleton College (MN) in 1942 and immediately enlisted in the Navy. He attended the Navy Supply Corps School at Wellesley College, MA in early 1944 - in the same class and company as Bruce Laingen. ENS Laird, assigned to the destroyer USS MADDOX (DD-731) as part of the Third Fleet, took part in five battles in the Pacific and was wounded twice. In 1946, while on shore duty in Cleveland, OH, Laird waged a successful campaign for the Wisconsin State Senate-filling the seat vacated by the death of his father. At the age of 23 he was the youngest state senator then in the U. S. Mr. Laird served in the Wisconsin State Senate from 1947 - 1952. While a member of the Senate, Mr. Laird attended the University of Wisconsin Law School and served as secretary-treasurer of the family-controlled Connor Builder Supply Company. In November 1952 Mr. Laird was elected to represent the 7th District of Wisconsin in the u.S. Congress. Mr. Laird was subsequently re-elected eight times. He served on the House Agricultural Committee, the House Appropriations Committee and the subcommittees on Defense; Health, Education, and Welfare; and Labor.
Mr. Laird resigned from Congress on January 21,1969 to become President Nixon's Secretary of Defense. Much of Laird's efforts as
Secretary of Defense were directed towards a resolution of the war in Vietnam and the Nixon administration's desire to "Vietnamize" the war
i.e. to replace American combatants with South Vietnamese troops. Melvin Laird resigned as Secretary of Defense at the end of Nixon's
first term in 1972. He returned to the White House five months later as a domestic advisor to President Nixon during the Watergate affair. After the resignation of Vice President Spiro Agnew in October, Laird was discussed as a possible successor. After his final departure from the Nixon administration at the end of 1973, Mr. Laird became a senior counselor for the Readers' Digest Association and served on the corporate directorships of several companies such as Metropolitan Life Insurance and Phillips Petroleum.

More information at:


May 16, 2017

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