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Meeting Minutes 10 March 2014
Naval Supply Corps Foundation - Detroit
Monday, 10 March 2014
NRD Michigan, Brewery Park, Detroit
Y McNeil, Paul - President     CDR Shields, NRD Michigan
  Decker, Peter  (Deployed)      
Y Janina Jacobs      
Y McDonald, Doug      
Y Schmitt, Kathy      
Y Semerad, Jim – Sec/Treas      
ROLL CALL – Attendees marked with a “Y”
1.    Roll Call
2.    Amend and Approval of Minutes
  •  Minutes were reviewed.  Ready for posting to the websites.
3.    Report of President
4.    Old Business:
a.     NSCF-DETR Chapter website is operating at NSCF and group site is set up on FONMI web site.
5.    New Business
a.     Paul McNeil mentioned the NSCF HQ scheduled a conference call for Thu, Mar 13.  Jim Semerad will participate.
b.    Events: 
  • Discussed having a Supply Corps Social at the Detroit Athletic Club (DAC) in Detroit on Thursday April 3.  Doug McDonald will check on arrangements.  This will be an after work informal event, however, DAC requires coat and tie.  Navy uniforms are acceptable.
6.     Good and welfare
  • Kathy Schmidt will assist with the Chapter.
7.     Adjourn.
Next regularly scheduled meeting will take place on 114 April  2014 at 7:00PM at NRD Michigan.
Jim Semerad
Secretary / Treasurer