LAILA PAIGE from New Bern, North Carolina will attend North Carolina State University as a freshman and major in Life Sciences: Genetic.

“I do not know my scholarship
donor personally, but I am grateful
to him for allowing me to pursue
my goals in higher education. I
would also like to thank him for his service.”

Read more about LAILA PAIGE and other Foundation Schoarship recipients in the 2023 Summer issue of The Oakleaf.

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Foundation scholarships are for high school seniors and college undergraduate students, students attending accredited community college/technical school, and spouses.

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Boatswain’s Mate Third Class Antonie Bernard Thomas Memorial Scholarship 
* Eligibility: Any undergraduate or graduate student who is a military service member, police officer, or family member of a military or police officer may apply for this scholarship.
* Amount: $1,125
* Winners: 3
* Application Deadline: Nov 7, 2023