Flash from the 49th Chief of Supply Corps
4 JUNE 2021

FY22 Supply Corps Captain Selections

Congratulations to the following Supply Corps officers selected for
promotion to the rank of Captain.

Achieving the rank of Captain is a testimony to the continued trust and
confidence the Navy and Supply Corps are placing in you to lead our Sailors,
officers and civilians. At this next level of senior leadership, our
expectations of the talents that you bring to an increasingly complex fight
are even higher. You will be at the forefront of our Navy’s efforts to
compete and win in the maritime domain, and I expect nothing less than the
highest levels of integrity, accountability, initiative and toughness in all
you do. Well done and keep charging!

Anthony P. Bannister
William T. Benham
Andres Diaz
Jeretta R. Dillon
Josh A. Elston
Timothy R. Freeman
Terri L. Gabriel
Andrew E. Henwood
Joshua R. Hill
Robert J. James
Bari J. Jones
David K. Jones, Jr.
Patrick J. Kelly
Frank D. Kim
Robert G. Kovack, Jr.
Joshua T. Lancaster
Evelyn C. Lee
Kevin S. McNulty
Bruce M. Reilly, II
Pamela R. Saucedo
Horacio G. Tan
Monica R. Tate
John H. Tipton
Daniel J. Vetsch
Larry S. Wallace
Rachele A. Wharton
Michael R. Wilson

Attaining the rank of Captain is the culmination of years of hard work,
dedication to the Navy and sustained, superior performance. Please join me
in congratulating these outstanding Supply Corps officers.