Tench Francis Legacy Society                                                                         

Tench Francis was appointed in February of 1795 by President George Washington as the nation’s first Purveyor of Public Supplies. This act
established the U.S. Navy Supply Corps as one of the oldest staff corps in the Navy.

In order to honor Tench Francis as the founding officer of the Navy Supply Corps, the Tench Francis Legacy Society has been established by the Navy Supply Corps Foundation to recognize those members who have included the Foundation in their estate planning.

If you believe in the work of the Foundation, and want your legacy to live on with our Supply Corps Community, please consider joining the ranks of those currently listed as members of the Society, and help support our mission by planning a future gift to the Foundation.

Gift planning can include a bequest in your will or by participating in a gift annuity or other life-income tool.

If you have already taken steps to provide this type of support, please let us know as we would like to include you as a member of the Society. In addition, please complete the Bequest Intentions Form.  If you would like information about ways you can support the mission of the Navy Supply Corps Foundation into the future, please contact our Executive Director, CAPT (Ret) Daniel Pionk at: daniel.pionk@navysupplycorpsfoundation.org or call 706-354-4111.
Click here to download a printable Tench Francis Legacy Society Brochure.
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Development Committee: Make a promise to future generations
By CAPT Will Port, SC, USN (Ret.), Development Committee Chair

Current Members of the Tench Francis Legacy Society
Harry H. Ball, CAPT, SC, USN*
Norma Batchelder*
Arthur Briggs, LCDR, SC, USN*
Bernard Browning, RADM, SC, USN*
Copely Burkhett, LCDR, SC, USN*
Harry Burris, CDR, SC, USN
Ted Digges, CAPT, SC, USN
Walter Douglas, CAPT, SC, USN*
Kenneth Epps, RADM, SC, USN
Norman & Patricia Foy, CAPT, SC, USN
James French, LCDR, SC, USN
Richard Harrison, CAPT, SC, USN*
Don R. Haven, CAPT, SC, USN
Deborah P. Haven, RADM, SC, USN
Terry Johnson, CDR, SC, USN
Thomas W. Jones, CDR, SC, USN*
Joseph J. Jordan, CDR, SC, USN
Robert R. & Sally Kurz, CDR, SC, USN
Mike & Joy Lyden, RADM, SC, USN
Norman Maier, CDR, SC, USN*
Steve Maas, RADM, SC, USN
Charles Mayfield, RADM, SC, USN*
Daniel R. Pionk, CAPT, USN
Will & Cathy Port, CAPT, SC, USN

Cary D. Poston, LCDR, SC, USN
Frank E. Raab, RADM, SC, USN*
Lowell Reade, CDR, SC, USN*
Ronald F. Ritchie, LCDR, SC, USN
Albert (Bud) Schiff, CAPT, SC, USN
James M. Semerad, CDR, SC, USN
William N. Shannon, CAPT SC, USN
Harold M. Shaw, CAPT, SC, USN*
George Smith, CW03, SC, USN*
Raymond J. Smith, CDR, SC, USN*
Donald* & Elizabeth St. Angelo, RADM, SC, USN
Clyde Tudor, LCDR, SC, USN*
Lennus B. Urquhart, CDR, SC, USN
Lyall G. Young, LT, SC, USN*
Josephine Wenzel, SC, USN*