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**Extended timeline for Submissions** CAPTAIN JOHN D. TITUS AWARD SOLICITATION
1. Purpose. To promulgate and solicit nominees for Navy Supply Corps Foundation – Philadelphia Chapter, Captain John D. Titus Award.

2. Background. CAPT Titus enlisted in the Navy in 1982 via the Broadened Opportunity for Officer Selection and Training (BOOST) program, commissioned through the U.S. Naval Academy in 1987, and retired in October 2012 after 26 years of distinguished service. Throughout his career, CAPT Titus served in a variety of key leadership positions afloat and ashore and was proud to call Philadelphia home on more than one occasion. An iconic leader of the military community, CAPT Titus’ service to country and commitment to civic growth and development did not stop at the end of his military service but increased under his leadership in his civilian career. The CAPT John D. Titus Award, established in 2020, honors the change agents that bridge the distinct missions of military/civilian agencies with a single goal of community civil relations.

3. Eligibility. The recipient of the Captain John D. Titus Award will have an exemplary Navy uniformed service record. They would have gone the extra mile to foster military and community relations throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area. Nominees will be selected based on their leadership/ management achievements, community outreach and impact, diversity inclusion, and civilian-military involvement. Individuals previously nominated but not selected may be re-nominated.

4. Method of Nomination and Submission. Nominations must be fully substantiated and reflect a careful and conscientious evaluation of the nominee’s accomplishment from 1 December 2019 through 30 November 2020. Each nomination package shall include:
           a. A one (1) page cover page with nominee’s full name, rank/rate,
               current duty station and address, work phone number, email address, home of record, and length of service.
           b. A one (1) page nomination achievement/justification section in
               paragraph or bulletized format. It should explain in a manner easily understood by the general public and should avoid acronyms,                 generalities, or excessive use of superlatives. The following criteria shall be addressed:
                           i. Leadership/Management
                          ii. Community Impact
                         iii. Outreach
                         iv. Diversity Inclusion
                          v. Civil/Military Involvement
           c. The requested method of submission is via email to
      in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat format. Submissions must be no longer than the stated 2 two pages and must be received no later than 1 March 2021.
5. Selection and Award. Awardees will be notified by 15 April 2021, and formally recognized at the 2021 Philadelphia Navy Supply Corps Foundation Ball in 2021. If Awardee does not plan to attend, NSCF-Philadelphia Chapter will accept the honor on their behalf.