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In Memoriam

RADM Stuart Franklin Platt, SC, USN (Ret.)
May 2017


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Even with age, I am surprised and saddened when someone I know passes. I first met Stuart while working on ADM Rickover’s staff in 1968. Subsequently, our paths crossed several times as he became a mentor and friend. I worked for Stuart at NAVSEA in the 80’s and was always amazed at the way he operated. He was one of the few bosses I was never able to regularly anticipate his next move. I use to compare him to a submarine where he would submerge and move in directions undetectable but always with a valid purpose. Stuart had a profound effect on my Navy career and my career in the defense industry. Stuart, I wish you fair winds and following seas. R. Alan Gross, CAPT, SC, USN (Ret) Royce Gross
8/25/2017 1:19:00 PM