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Foundation Employment Opportunity!
Foundation Employment Opportunity!
The Navy Supply Corps Foundation seeks a seasoned communications director with significant experience developing and deploying effective communication plans, programs and products targeted to the Navy Supply Corps community, its senior leadership, external stakeholders and other audiences.

This position provides public affairs advice and counsel to the Foundation’s senior leadership on a wide range of internal and external issues.  The work requires strong editorial and writing ability across a variety of media.  
The position has two primary functions: Public Affairs Officer (PAO) and Editor-in-Chief and principal writer of The OAKLEAF, the organization’s three time annually magazine.

This position reports to the Chief Staff Officer for the Foundation, but liaisons routinely with the Executive Committee, Board Members, Committee Chairs, and staff of the Navy Supply Corps Foundation.  

Key to this position is the individual’s ability to staff all corporate communications in close coordination with the Foundation’s strategies, plans and actions, to deliver clear, focused, effective messaging on the Foundation’s mission, capabilities, actions and achievements.  

Please provide the widest dissemination to anyone you think may be interested.  In keeping with our pledge to take care of our own, Supply Corps spouses who have the required qualifications are highly encouraged to apply.

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