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Message to the Corps #5
(Please share throughout the Navy Supply Community for maximum distribution)

Supply Community,

It has been an honor to serve as your Chief of Supply Corps. In my fifth and final message to Supply Corps senior leaders, I reflect on the five years I have served as Chief of Supply Corps, and leave you with a call to action - to put your education and training, lessons and experiences, and character and competence into action every day - so that the accomplishments and momentum of the last five years propel us into a future of even more effective warfighter support. As with my previous messages, my expectation is that you read it, think about it, and share it with the Supply Community in your domain of influence.



As I close out my time as 47th Chief of Supply Corps and Commander Naval Supply Systems Command, I thank you for all that you have done. I am proud of your accomplishments. On the first day of my assignment, the Navy found itself embroiled in a difficult integrity issue that manifested itself in the Navy's relationship with an overseas defense contractor. As a result of our special role in the Navy, our community was not immune and this challenged the long-standing reputation of the Supply Corps as the Navy's trusted business managers. We were forced to look inward to review our fundamental beliefs, those values that underpin everything it means to be a member of the Supply Community. I will admit there were some dark days as we lived through the process, but I was uplifted by your response and your diligent effort to right the ship.

As I have observed time and time again, our exceptional strength as a Supply Community is our ability to hold one another accountable, and to look after each other's well-being. The entire Supply Community - officer, enlisted, active, reserve, civilian, and retired - played a role in putting the community back on the right path when it was most needed. We need grit and integrity to always do the right thing for the good of the Navy as we maintain laser-focus on our mission to support the warfighter.

To that end, we need to continue the journey to promote a culture of grit and integrity. I challenge you to this: if you see a problem, use your judgement and moral character to take action. As the trusted stewards of our Navy's and nation's treasures, we must lean into every challenge, leverage all opportunities to fix those challenges, and celebrate those individuals and teams who make a positive change. Thoughtful leadership and the ability to find the smart solution is the behavior we need to reinforce to continue building our community's value to the Navy. As a Supply Community, we must never forget that our first commitment is to be "Ready for Sea" to meet the Navy's needs.

This has been an incredible journey, and I am proud to have served as your Chief. Our mettle has been tested, and we have persevered through the actions and resiliency of a Supply Community that refused to offer anything short of its best to our Navy and nation. Our community is poised for continued success into the future of an ever-changing operating environment. I cannot overstate how fortunate I am to have served with an incredible cadre of operationalized supply chain managers like you. Thank you. You enable the fight and ensure mission success. Carry on the tradition of excellence and integrity that we have worked so hard to build and maintain. The future of our Supply Community rests with you.