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Congratulations to our 2019 Foundation Volunteer of the Year Winners!
Congratulations to our 2019 Foundation Volunteer of the Year Winners!
The Navy Supply Corps Foundation is a nonprofit organization made up of 189 volunteers serving our Supply Community. All 189 volunteers give their time and energy to our Foundation programs and services, as well as to our 37 Chapters around the globe. Every year our Chapters nominate one volunteer who they feel has made the most significant contribution to their Chapter. This year, the Board of Directors has chosen to recognize LT Laura Clarke of the Hampton Roads Chapter and LT Aaron Shinoff of the Monterey Peninsula Chapter as our “2019 Volunteers of the Year”.

LT Laura Clarke contributed to the success of the Hampton Roads Chapter during 2019 and served in many roles throughout the year. As a 2019 Supply Corps Ball Committee Member, LT Clarke assisted in all planning efforts leading to the event, led the welcoming team in preparing volunteers to meet guests, operated coat check services, and identified guests seating locations. LT Clarke also volunteered as Community Outreach Lead, bringing her plan for revitalizing the Chapter’s Outreach Program. As the lead, she identified a nonprofit organization (Union Mission Ministries) to partner with to give back to the community, as well as led various community support activities: Virginia Aquarium Clean-up - removal of trash/debris around the grounds and the local waterways, Union Mission Ministries Norfolk Outreach- Re-painting of the dining facility, Meal Service Support, and ForKids Mojo Thrift Store Support. As a Foundation member and volunteer, LT Clarke left a lasting impact on her Chapter and the Hampton Roads community by developing a sustainable partnership with a local organization to provide continued community service support.
LT Aaron Shinoff served as Monterey Peninsula Chapter Treasurer and supported every major Chapter event and initiative during 2019. LT Shinoff was a trusted agent for advice and perspective - the go-to guy for everyone. Examples of his contributions to the Chapter include:
  • Development: Drove timely O-4 Operational Detailing Symposium, supporting SECNAV-approved, NAVSUP-directed career changes.
  • Commemoration:  Critical to Annual SC Birthday Ball, reducing costs and improving product from prior year. Smashing success!
  • Transition: Key force in first “family fun day” for new officers, achieving maximum return on investment at minimal cost.
  • Traditions: Helped cement National Naval Officers Association formal partnership, fostering lifelong interorganizational relationships.
  • Financial Support:  Conducted Monterey Marathon, Pizza My Heart and Islands Fundraisers supporting chapter revitalization.
  • Community: His wife, an EDO, is an integral chapter supporter.  It is a family and cross-designator effort.
LT Shinoff’s efforts to create opportunities for camaraderie within the Chapter and to extend the Chapter’s service to the local Monterey community, made him a stand-out leader, member and volunteer.
Bravo Zulu to both our exceptional 2019 Volunteers of the Year! And THANK YOU to all 189 volunteers—we couldn’t serve the Supply Community without each one of you!