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Honor Our Heritage, Invest in Our Future Annual Appeal
Honor Our Heritage, Invest in Our Future Annual Appeal
Dear Navy Supply Corps Foundation Member, 

As we prepare to celebrate Veterans Day, join us in honoring the sacrifice and contributions of our Navy Supply Corps veterans, and all veterans. This year marks 228 years of Supply Corps service and dedication to our Navy and Nation.

It’s important to understand the value our mission provides with programs and services that support the Supply Corps Community and promote its heritage and traditions. The Foundation has achieved a level of excellence throughout the past 50 years, filled with successful endeavors and actions in support of our Supply Corps Community. But what about the future? How can we continue to strengthen our Community and grow our offering for generations to come?

This year during our Annual Appeal, we are specifically asking for your donations to our new General Operations Endowment as part of the Honor Our Heritage…Invest in Our Future campaign. This General Operations Endowment will serve as a financial bedrock, providing the Foundation with a stable source of income that can be relied upon for years to come, particularly to fund our key staff. Contributing to our General Operations Endowment is a powerful way to ensure our long-term impact and continued service to our mission.
When you give to our General Operations Endowment, you are investing in the future of the Foundation, enabling us to weather financial uncertainties and better plan for strategic initiatives. This act of giving not only fosters sustainability but also demonstrates a deep commitment to our cause, and reflects a desire to see the Foundation thrive and make a lasting difference in the lives of those it serves. In short, supporting our General Operations Endowment is an investment in positive change that echoes through time, embodying the true essence of giving. Donors will be recognized on a virtual wall of honor.
Please, consider an end of the year donation to help build the endowment and keep the Foundation strong, focused, and ready to assist our members in 2024 and beyond. Take a moment to print the donation form and mail in your contribution or make an online donation now.

Thank you for being a valued member of the Navy Supply Corps Foundation, our Supply Corps Family and the United States Navy. Let’s maintain our great tradition of service and community as we “take care of our own”.


              RADM (ret) Mike Lyden, 
              Navy Supply Corps Foundation