Commemorative Brick Wall

A centerpiece of our Golden Anniversary celebration in 2004 was the commemorative brick wall, built adjacent to Royar Square on the campus of the Navy Supply Corps School (NSCS) in Athens, Georgia. Mounted on this wall is the official 50th Anniversary bas-relief plaque, commemorating a fifty year partnership with the city of Athens.   

Both the wall and the plaque serve as permanent reminders of the special place the Navy Supply Corps School held and the warm, generous hospitality bestowed upon us by the people of Athens. 

In April 2011, copies of the bricks that are on Royar Square were placed on the new NSCS Newport Memorial brick wall. The wall gives the new school in Newport its finished look.  The wall is almost complete - there are only a few open spots remaining.  This may be the last chance for Supply Corps Alumni to be enshrined in the wall.  Click here to purchase a brick and become a permanent part of NSCS history.

Current list of Names on the NSCS Brick Wall


Commemorative Brick Wall in Newport

Original Brick Wall in Athens