Navy Supply Corps School Distinguished Alumni

The Distinguished Alumni program identifies and recognizes retired and former Navy Supply Corps officers who have gone on to distinguish themselves by obtaining significant success in the public or private sector.

Download a list of Distinguished Alumni here.


Operating Procedures

Purpose & Objectives of the Distinguished Alumni (DA) Program

The Distinguished Alumni Program is one of the hallmark programs of the Navy Supply Corps Foundation. Its primary purpose is:

  • To identify and give appropriate recognition to retired and former Navy Supply Corps officers who have distinguished themselves by obtaining significant success in the public or private sector. As such, it is the intent of the Foundation to honor those former Navy Supply Corps officers, (active duty and Reserve), who credit their Supply Corps experience as a basic foundation of further professional achievements. 
  • To identify the many former Navy Supply Corps officer success stories, that will enhance the camaraderie of new accession officers into the Corps. The intent is to inspire these new officers to attain their true professional potential both in and out of uniform.
  • To identify and establish an expanding group of distinguished former Navy Supply Corps officers, who will continue to contribute to the professional development of the Supply Corps. It is desired that Distinguish Alumni will periodically be available to address the Navy Supply Corps School student body and/or other appropriate forums of Supply Corps officers on their successful management concepts and strategies.
  • To identify those former Navy Supply Corps officers, who, after achieving DA status, are willing and available to assist in the Foundation's Annual Fund Drive.


In conjunction with the 35th anniversary commemorative celebration of the Navy Supply Corps School (NSCS) home porting in Athens, Ga., the Distinguished Alumni Program was established. Since inception in 1989, the NSCF has selected 50 officers as Distinguished Alumni. Previously selected Distinguished Alumni are listed below. These selections have come from government, academia, as well as business and industry.

Criteria for Nomination

The basic eligibility for this award will be Supply Corps officers who have been inactive/retired for at least five years. No civilian field of endeavor will be preferred over any other. This award will be an ongoing program to annually identify individuals who have left active duty, but have continued to utilize those skills believed to epitomize the Supply Corps officer and have risen to levels of significant and wide recognition in their chosen field. The intent in formulating the Distinguished Alumni program is multi-purpose. First, the Foundation desires to recognize truly superior individuals who have gone on to bigger things following their Supply Corps tenure. Secondly, after accepting nomination, the individual officer will become involved in the activities of the Foundation, including its fund drive, either personally or through their corporations/organizations, and charitable endeavors. Additionally, to actually culminate the award process, the nominee will officially receive the Distinguished Alumni award at the Navy Supply Corps School or at another appropriate venue. The Foundation anticipates the award ceremony will take place within 12 calendar months following selection. 


Prior service, active duty, reserve and retired Supply Corps officers, or previous Distinguished Alumni are encouraged to submit letters of nomination for individuals as a Navy Supply Corps Distinguished Alumni. The nominating letter should include a brief background of the nominee along with the reasons for the nomination. A current biography of the nominee should also be included with the nominating letter.

On an annual basis, the Foundation will solicit nominations from all Distinguished Alumni and Supply Corps Flag officers. The Chief of Supply Corps will be requested to brief Supply Corps officers attending major supply command conferences on the requisites for submitting Distinguished Alumni nominations. Nominations for each year should be submitted in writing and forwarded:

Executive Director

Navy Supply Corps Foundation, Inc.
2061 Experiment Station Road
Suite 301, PMB 423
Watkinsville, GA  30677

Candidate Selection 

In order to maintain the high standards of this recognition, a maximum of two individuals will be selected each year. New Distinguished Alumni will be selected by the Navy Supply Corps Foundation Board of Directors at the Board of Directors meeting.

Upon selection, the Chairman will by letter notify the prospective Distinguished Alumni of his/her selection. This letter will outline the extent of the honor the Supply Corps Foundation wishes to bestow on the nominee, as well as the responsibilities the Foundation wishes him/her to assume. The Chairman will, if possible, appoint a member of the Foundation's Board of Directors to personally deliver the congratulatory letter to the prospective Distinguished Alumni.

Changes to this precept may be promulgated as required by the Foundation President not later than 1 August of each year.