Southern France river cruise -- a great success!

There was an overwhelming reaction to this cruise and all cabins were sold out. This cruise was a tremendous opportunity to see Southern France and enjoy a river cruise. Send your photos to Be sure to include a caption and recognize those in your photo. More pictures on Southern France river cruise Page 2.

Tom Mayo, Susan Mayo, Don Sliwinski
Lois Sliwinski, Pat Kovac and Joe Kovac
enjoying a Provencal-style dinner. Submitted by Susan Mayo

Len and Eileen Sapera at the Pont Du Gard. Submitted by Len Sapera

  Beach Carre, the poet of the cruise standing in front of a cafe dedicated to the poet of Paris during the time of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Submitted by Harry Weinberg

Don Hickman and Len Sapera. Submitted by Len Sapera

Dick Lippert, Randy Allen, John Kizer, Bruce Maxon taking a break on the golf course in Avignon, France. Submitted by John Kizer

A "selfie" by Tom Mayo at the


 2014 Southern France River Cruise group.

A town near Rousillon on the way to Chateuneuf du Pape. Stage 11 of this years Tour de France went through here about a week after we were there. Submitted by Larry Costin
             Marie Auerbach, Conny Jamison, Suzie Zlaket, Kapi Kizer
             Gene Auerbach, Linda Bird, Bob Bird, John Kizer celebrating
             4th of July in Lyon, France. Submitted by John Kizer

Oakleaf Flag flying while docked in
Avignon.  Submitted by Kurt Libby




And we never counted the wine we drank at the Chateauneuf Du Pape wine tasting in the record.  Submitted by Harry Weinberg

Tom and Susan May lunch in Avignon.
Bob Leonard, Don Hickman, and John Kizer.
Submitted by Kurt Libby

Our hostess at the Chateau de la Chaize.
             Submitted by Tom and Susan Mayo