Flash from the 49th Chief of Supply Corps
09 MAR 2021

FY22 Active Duty LDO/CWO Selection Board Results

It gives me great pleasure to announce the following supply senior enlisted personnel who have been selected for Limited Duty Officer and Chief Warrant Officer by the FY22 In-service Procurement Board. Achieving such a career milestone is a testimony to the dedication and leadership you have demonstrated throughout your career.

You will now be called upon to employ these qualities in more complex and demanding tours, ensuring supremacy in 21st century naval warfare. Continue to lead from the front and keep our fleet strong and ready for sea. Congratulations on your tremendous accomplishments!

Supply Corps LDO - 6510

LSC Jerome I. Balitaan
LS1 Jaycee S. Cauguiran
LSC Marlayna R. Crooms
LSC Mark A. Delahoz
LSC Dumebi J. Erifevieme
LSCS Renardo H. Francis
LSC Andrew D. Schweitzer

Food Service Warrant - 7521

CSCS Kevin M. Brown
CSCS Leah J. G. Caser
CSSCS Kip C. Farrell
CSSC Robert H. Haag Jr.
CSCS Sonny R. Jimenez
CSC Veronica D. Payne
CSCS Christopher B. Roth

Please join me in congratulating these outstanding senior enlisted leaders on their selection.