Flash from the Commander NAVSUP and 49th Chief of Supply Corps
14 JUN 2021

FY22 Supply Corps Commander Milestone Screen Board (#55)

It is my pleasure to announce the officers listed below have been selected by the Supply Corps Commander Milestone Board held 10-11 June 2021.

PYG 19
Jason P. Harper
Ian G. Iliff
Gene M. Lattus Jr.

PYG 20
Jeffrey W. Carideo
Brendan T. Casey
Curtis P. Ceaser
Jon K. Christensen
Britta W. Christianson
Marcus M. Craig
Daniel J. Eddy
Danny L. Ewing Jr.
Soktheas S. Lieng
Anas E. Maazouzi
Joshua R. Melchert
Sean R. Moody
Carrie L. Paben
Robert D. Salire
Erika M. Schoenthal
Marcus E. Thomas
Maura L. Thompson

Please join me in congratulating these officers on their selection for this significant milestone.