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Flashes from the Commander NAVSUP and Chief of Supply Corps:

Flash from the 49th Chief of Supply Corps
22 FEB 2021

226th Navy Supply Corps Birthday, 23 February

Last year’s 225th birthday was a milestone that involved a yearlong commemoration. One year later, our Navy Supply Corps remains more powerful and vital than ever. The Supply Corps’ history is the story of all those who came before us and each of the more than 3,300 active and Reserve component officers who currently wear the oak leaf and enable our Navy to remain “Ready for Sea.”

Our legacy is one of innovation, versatility, adaptability, and forward thinking. This ability to anticipate change and chart new paths forward continues with Naval Sustainment System-Supply (NSS-Supply). This massive undertaking, led by our Supply Corps, will continue to transform our Navy and move us into the future. Our Navy end-to-end supply chains are strategic platforms and remain as vital to a ready fleet today as they did back in 1795 when Tench Francis, Jr. was charged “to conduct the procuring and providing of all arms, military and naval stores, provisions, clothing, goods, and generally all articles of supply, requisite for the service of the United States.”

As we implement NSS-Supply, we will integrate, orchestrate, and synchronize Navywide supply chains among SYSCOMS, TYCOMS, organic and commercial repair activities and other NSS efforts. Addressing these challenges will require absolute focus, tremendous effort, and effective partnerships with our enlisted supply community and civilians at Naval Supply Systems Command. For Supply Corps officers, this means knowing and understanding our systems, processes and their interconnectivity; and leveraging that knowledge to build strong teams to ensure the expeditious delivery of services and material solutions to the warfighter.

Operational creativity requires knowledge, experience and analytical proficiency. The decisions derived from those sources can only be implemented with trust and confidence at all levels of the chain of command. Be accountable for right and wrong, success and failure. Be honest, trusted and selfless. Accept fiduciary responsibility for personnel, material and fiscal resources. Our Supply Corps integrity and presence must be felt at every level throughout the Navy and Fleet. Naval forces cannot be effective in a combat environment if they are not sustained, and sustainment is not possible without the energy, expertise, creativity, and integrity of Supply Corps officers.

Never forget the paths forged by those before you. Now is the time to recognize and celebrate our heritage and all who have worn the oak leaf. We thank them for their contributions and their wisdom.

We have much to accomplish over the next year and with the support of every Supply Corps officer, Logistics Specialist, Retail Services Specialist, Culinary Specialist, and our employees across the NAVSUP Enterprise, we will continue to move the Supply Corps into the future.

Thank you, and Happy 226th Birthday U.S. Navy Supply Corps!


Flash from the 49th Chief of Supply Corps
19 FEB 2021

FY22 Supply Corps Captain Major Command Ashore and Commander Milestone Boards (#56/#55)

The Supply Corps Captain Major Command Ashore Screen Board (#56) is scheduled to convene on 8 June 2021, and the Supply Corps Commander Milestone Screen Board (#55) is scheduled to convene on 10 June 2021. Board #56 will consider eligible Captains in Promotion Year Group (PYG) 2018 through PYG 2021, and Board #55 will consider eligible Commanders in PYGs 2019 and 2020. Due to the timing of the FY22 FTS promotion boards and subsequent results, the FTS portion of the Major Command Screen Board will be held at a later date this year.

The successful completion of an oral board is mandatory prior to being screened by either board. The oral board is a one-time requirement during a Supply Corps officer's career. Each NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center commanding officer has been designated as the regional lead for coordinating the membership and management of commander oral boards. The NAVSUP Office of Supply Corps Personnel (NAVSUP OP) will coordinate the membership and management of captain oral boards upon request.

Reporting Senior Nomination and Oral Board Recommendation letters must be submitted to NAVSUP OP no later than 01 May 2021. Letters should be emailed to

Captains and commanders who submit a letter to the board requesting to not be considered for either board will no longer be eligible for future administrative screen boards at that rank. Additionally, officers who do not complete the full qualification process outlined in NAVSUPINST 1412.1B for consideration before their milestone board opportunity will lose future board eligibility at that rank unless a command-endorsed request for exception is submitted and approved by the Chief of Supply Corps.

Review NAVSUPINST 1412.1B for further information. You may address questions to the Supply Corps Career Counselor at


Flash from the 49th Chief of Supply Corps
25 NOV 2020

FY21 Active Duty Chief Petty Officer Results

It gives me great pleasure to announce the following Supply enlisted personnel who have been selected for promotion to Chief Petty Officer by the FY21 Active Duty E7 Selection Board.

You should all be incredibly proud of yourselves and your accomplishments that have led you to this tremendous milestone. You’ve demonstrated that you have the skills, talent, and abilities to become a member of the Chief’s Mess and I expect you to embody the Chief Petty Officer’s Creed and exercise it with honor, courage, and commitment. Naval forces cannot be effective in a combat environment if they are not sustained, and sustainment is not possible without the expertise, creativity and energy of Navy Chiefs! I challenge each of you to lead with distinction and focus to ensure our warfighters are always ready for sea. Congratulations!

Chief Culinary Specialist
Ervey D. Amoyan
Shemeka M. Anderson
Richard G. Angquico
Danilovincent O. Aungon
Vanessa A. Bailey
Kyle T. Beaumont
Abraham A. Beck
Jericho Bobadilla
Marcus Branch
Kerryann D. Brown
Leondominique A. Brown
Tamra L. Byrd
Walter F. Cariastobar
Erica M. Chin
Gideon K. Cofie
Joseph K. Cook
Victor B. Cruz
Vladimir I. Cruz
Wilson R. Cruz
Edward A. Currier
James L. Daniels III
Joseph A. Dazzo
Chasity L. Eastland
Richard V. Ebido
Rodolfo L. Elston, Jr.
Miguel A. Escajeda
Justin J. Escano
Howard J. Fields
Louis M. Fierro
Gerald C. Foxworth
Amanda L. Glover
Brandon L. Goodrich
Jonathan Gracianoarboleda
Kara E. Gray
Shiami Greene
Amannda L. Hills
Paul L. Hines, Jr.
Crystal T. Holmes
Terrence A. Holts
John E. Hwang
Chidiebere Ibeabuchi
Rosa I. Jimenez
Troy D. Johns
Sylvester Jones, Jr.
James D. Keifer
Assou Koutouati
Edmond K. Kugblenu
Jonathon P. Labinski
Andrew S. Laroe
Stacy C. Legette
Linda Liev
Libin Liu
Jackson Manichanh
Kenneth D. Marshall
Armeshia L. Matthews
Brian E. Matthews
Jimmy A. Mcmullen
Myrione N. Meneses
Samuel Miro
Joel A. Modelowitz
Desmond T. Moore
Raulston H. More
Emiliano C. Morfin
James T. Mugwe
Michael C. Murphy
Shanti A. Neal
Amy T. Nikolas
Anthony H. Oaks
Jonathan N. Osuna
Lester T. Overton
Ferose B. Pagarigan
Hocaly A. Pena
Alicia Q. Pitts
Justin M. Porter
Gilberto Ramirezsaldana
Joshua A. Reveron
Derick A. Riley
Jefferson V. Rosete
Christopher J. Ruff
Ronald R. Sampson
Bryan A. Schoeppner
Ebony A. Sharpe
India C. Shula
Gary L. Snear II
Christinia L. Stroud
Franklincharlz S. Tercenio
Nigel J. Thomasford
Nastassjia D. Valerio
Derrick L. Victor
Ingri A. Visoso
Jason Z. Whiteside
Allainmarco M. Yamzon
Dion J. Yipon
Tanisha M. Young

Chief Culinary Specialist Submarine
Matthew S. Boerner
Brian D. Burns
James M. Campbell
Paul M. Carignan
Alonso R. Galdamez
Charles J. Johnson
Eric J. Krahel
Samuel A. Lewis
Carlos I. Rodriguezcotto
Joseph A. Ross
Johnny D. Stepp III
Daniel J. Thomae
Earl W. White III

Chief Logistics Specialist
Shakhriyor Abduazimov
Chizoba E. Achusi
Makia D. Adams
Sikiru A. Adedoyin
Olayoriju H. Adeleye
Dinchel I. Adolfo
Dmitriy D. Ageyenkov
Markanthony M. Alegre
Gretchen M. Alingig
Kevin L. Allison
Edgar D. Andres
Alexandra B. Becerraobrien
Krystal L. Belcher
John T. Benjamin
Brittany A. Black
Amber C. Blanco
Joseph R. Bogle
Larry E. Bond, Jr.
Travis M. Bonn
Ibarra G. Botoy, Jr.
Francisco M. Bravo
Kevinnigel D. Brion
Scott F. Brunzell, Jr.
Francis B. Brzezinski III
Ashley M. Burks
Chrissy A. Campbell
Luis M. Campos
Melvin N. Caparas
Christopher M. Carbone
Syndie S. Carmin
Nathan A. Channell
Evelyn R. Chavez
Gregory Chery, Jr.
Dykema S. Clark
Christopher J. Cole
Nicholas O. Coleman
Leonela Cortorreal
Nuria C. Cruzalmanzar
Miguel A. Cuellar, Jr.
Laura A. Curry
Paramita Das
Clinton L. Davis
Joel R. Davis
Anup Debideen
April J. Deluna
Wesley D. Deroux
Kerline L. Desir
Jordan D. Diaz
Kossi E. Doamekpo
Crystal D. Dolphin
Jarod D. Dumas
Ryan T. Egesdal
David C. Elliott
Claudio A. Enciso
Ryan A. Engles
Dumebi J. Erifevieme
Jonathan C. Feliciano
James R. Felsing
Juliber C. Fernandez
Diana D. Fierrobetancourt
Maicon G. Firmino
Yaminah L. Floyd
Shante D. Foster
Terrill L. French
Stephen E. Gagliardo
Leslie R. Gall
Omar Gallardo
David N. Garcia
Francisalbert P. Garcia
Gerald A. Goodin, Jr.
Abraham Hernandez
Ashley N. Hill
Julia A. Hoefflin
Mark L. Homans
Christopher M. Hunt
Jeffrey P. Hyland
Jamie M. Jacob
Jeangary Jeanjacques
Tavarise C. Jeter
Michael L. Johnson
Derek W. Jordan
Aaron J. Kahabka
Damell L. Keys
Jessica L. King
Kassa L. Kiya
Kwame Kusiappiah
Matthew G. Larsen
Tavares V. Littleton
Jamie R. Long
Cenon B. Lu II
Vaney F. Lustre
Ambrosio Maddagan
Rendell S. Mallari
Sophia L. March
Clinton W. Martineau
Pedro Martinez
Michael S. Mason
Patrick S. Massara
Adelbert P. Matanza
Michael P. Mccann
Marquina A. Mccray
Ishmael Mensah
Robert L. Miller, Jr.
Abdoulaye Mohamed
Joshuagene D. Montes
Anthony P. Munoz
Michael D. Nadermann
Mark A. Nash
Mary O. Nwankwo
Jomel R. Orpilla
Carlos A. Osorio
Joshua H. Ostrander
Maan C. Palad
David A. Parker, Jr.
Dyandra E. Parker
Joseph J. Pena
Roy L. Peters
Jeffrey D. Petros
Priscilla Pinnock
Gemeniano R. Portillo, Jr.
Joey B. Presto
Adonisel A. Quickordonez
Claudette C. Rabajante
Rowell B. Raguindin
Anthony M. Rawls
James G. Regan
Paolo A. Reyes
Martin Rico
Honeylyn C. Rivera
Cezar I. Roderos
Aisha J. Ross
Mark A. Rouse
Shantell S. Russell
Matthew A. Sebastian
Jeremy L. Sierra
Allie Sillah
Daniel E. Silva
Nicholas D. Smiley
Kamron L. Smith
Carl A. So
Di H. So
Anthony R. Soliz
Benjamin W. Spencer
Denise M. Stroud
Leanthony Taylor, Jr.
William Thomas
Tiffiny T. Thompson
Justice Tieku
Aaron M. Tilley
Stephanie R. Turner
Joseph E. Villanueva
Jerol M. Villena
Morfin A. Villicana
Kevin M. Wade
Jason E. Washington
Jason A. Whaley
Nicholas L. White
Derek A. Wilkins
Lavetria K. Williams
Anthony K. Wilson
Kerwyn A. Wilson
Daniel D. Zerby, Jr.
Can Z. Zhu

Chief Logistics Specialist Submarine
Jerry A. Acosta, Jr.
John G. Coleman
Matthew A. Comini II
Isaac J. Dabaja
Richard A. David
David T. Johnson
Andrew J. Jolley
Wilburn H. Kyle III
Elena P. Merkling
Samantha A. Mincey
Kyle X. Singleton
Toreythomas G. Walker
Joseph S. Wicks
Sean T. Zajac
Joshua I. Zepp

Chief Retail Services Specialist
Nnabuihe D. Ariwa
Julio M. Cortezpena
Cedric E. Daye
Barry A. Degoma
Cameron S. Fowler
Jonathan J. Hamilton
Desmen O. Johnson
Lashawn A. Locklear
Francis S. Manigbas
Herbert E. Martinez
Shandra N. Mcguire
Jason M. Phaff
Francisco Rodriguez
Broderick L. Surratt
Frietz L. Tallo
Tom M. Wainaina
John P. Yuasensi

Please join me in congratulating these outstanding senior enlisted leaders on their selection.


Flash from the 49th Chief of Supply Corps
10 NOV 2020

Supply Corps Fall 2020 Internship Selectees

Congratulations to the following selectees for the Fall 2020 internship screening. Interns will participate in the Business/Financial Management (BFM) and Navy Acquisition Contracting (NACO) programs.

As we embark on a multi-year journey to find leverage in our Navy supply chains end-to-end, we will capitalize on the intellectual velocity that these selected officers gain during their internship. This education and experience is critical in understanding our systems, processes and their interconnectivity, and ultimately ensure the expeditious delivery of supplies, services and material solutions to the warfighter.

The internship selectees for Fall 2020 are:

LTJG Alexander P. Akre --- USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) --- BFM
LTJG Colleen M. Bomhack --- USS Decatur (DDG 73) --- BFM
LTJG Madison B. Gilman --- USS Monterey (CG 61) --- NACO
LTJG John J. Hurst III --- USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) --- NACO
LTJG Peter R. Lutter --- Coastal Riverine Group TWO (CRG 2) --- NACO
LTJG Jackson W. Murphy --- USS Cheyenne (SSN 73) --- NACO
LTJG Samantha M. Nevius --- USS John P. Murtha (LPD 26) --- BFM
LTJG Kiana N. Quarles --- USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) --- NACO
LTJG Melissa M. Wilcoxon --- USS Arlington (LPD 24) --- BFM
ENS Johnnathan A. Castillo --- USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) --- NACO
ENS Glen A. Moran --- USS Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) --- NACO

Again, congratulations to each of you on a job well done!


Do Good...
Do Right...
Do What is Honorable...

Flash from the 49th Chief of Supply Corps
22 OCT 2020

Supply Corps Flag Nominated for Promotion

A nomination for promotion of Rear Admiral (lower half) Richard D. "Duke" Heinz to the rank of Rear Admiral was received in the Senate and referred to the Committee on Armed Services.

RDML Heinz is currently serving as director, logistics (J4), U.S. European Command, Stuttgart, Germany.

His afloat assignments include USS Bergall (SSN 667); USS Enterprise (CVN 65); and USS Nimitz (CVN 68). During those tours he participated in operations Desert Fox, Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.

Previous shore assignments include commander, Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Weapon Systems Support (WSS), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; strategy and readiness division chief (J4), Joint Chiefs of Staff, Washington, D.C.; commanding officer, NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center, Jacksonville, Florida; director, aviation operations, NAVSUP WSS, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; head, program objective memorandum development section, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (N80), Washington, D.C.; S-3 integrated weapons system team lead, NAVSUP WSS; lieutenant shore detailer, NAVSUP Office of Personnel, Millington, Tennessee; supply officer, Navy Flight Demonstration Team Blue Angels; and aviation support division officer, Naval Air Station Lemoore.

Please join me in congratulating RDML Heinz on his promotion!


Flash from the 49th Chief of Supply Corps
13 OCT 2020

Navy’s 245th Birthday

October 13, 1775 marks the Navy’s 245th birthday and commemorates the day the Continental Congress authorized the procurement, outfitting, manning and dispatch of the first two Continental Navy vessels to cruise in search of munitions ships supplying the British Army in America. After the American War of Independence, the U.S. Constitution empowered the new Congress “to provide and maintain a navy.” Acting on this authority, Congress established the Department of the Navy on April 30, 1798. Since then, the Navy has stood the watch as the Nation’s forward deployed presence 24/7, 365 days a year.

The United States Navy is entrusted by the citizens of this country with the first line of our national defense. The burden of this responsibility is enormous. Our end of this covenant of trust with the American people is simple … we are charged to build and operate the best possible fighting force to protect their lives, property and freedoms.

The theme of this year’s Navy birthday is “Victory at Sea,” closing the 75th anniversary commemoration of World War II, recognizing 245 years of warfighting excellence, and relating them to modern Sailors who carry that heritage forward today. Beginning with Pearl Harbor and throughout every battle during the War, victory was achieved by heroes, including those who provided superior logistics support and ensuring our Sailors were prepared to fight. These Sailors came from diverse backgrounds across our great nation and served through adversity, far from home, with honor, courage, and commitment.

Today our Navy is Fleet focused, global postured, and ready. I am honored to serve with each and every one of you and together, we will continue to enable victories at sea.

Happy 245th Birthday, Navy!



Flash from the 49th Chief of Supply Corps 

13 OCT 2020

FY21 Supply Corps Commander Selections

Congratulations to the following Supply Corps officers who have been selected for promotion to the rank of Commander, a significant career accomplishment and milestone.

Achieving the rank of Commander signifies your transition into the Navy’s senior officer ranks and is a testimony to the dedication and leadership you have demonstrated throughout your career. You will now be called upon to employ these qualities in more complex and demanding tours, ensuring supremacy in 21st century naval warfare. I will be watching your progress in the coming years, and believe me, I expect great things from you all. Well done and keep charging!

Christopher L. Allen
Lindsay R. Anderson
Jacob T. Baker
Jatan Bastola
Jennifer M. Biby
George M. Bick
Reynaldo R. Cabana III
Lupei Chou
Michael J. Collins
Vaughn B. Cooper
Joseph M. Cozart
Heidi M. Davis
James A. Davis
Justin T. Devoe
Ryan P. Dipaolo
Michael B. Diprospero
Blake M. Dremann
Matthew E. Duncan
Craig T. Dziewiatkowski
Jeffgerard C. Fernandez
Heather M. Flores
Melissa S. Flynn
James L. Foster
Casey J. Gillette
Melissa A. Gonzales*
Jeremy A. Grennan
Mark A. Gunter
Adam L. Hamilton
Joshua R. Harding
Jason E. Harnish
Richard P. Hartl
Brian H. Hays
Nathan T. Hayward
Michael C. Hockett Jr.
Luke J. Hodges
Alejandra Holch
Ryan Z. Hughes
Samuel A. Hull
Michael D. Key
Jonathan M. Krenz
Suneet Kundra
Michael D. Labbe
Raymond J. Lanclos III
Joshua L. Langhorne
Quentin E. Lease
Christopher M. Lebel
Heather E.K. Lee
Sohnhwa Lee
Jonathan B. Leung
David S. Lewis
Andrew C. Lovgren
Jason P. Marks
James R. Marsh
Anne P. Mazurek
Charles E. Mccandless
Gregory T. Mccleery
Andrew S. Mikesell
Matthew L. Miller
Howard A. Milligan
Joshua M. Millner
Alexander S. Molnar
Stephanie C. Montano
Jason A. Monts
Benjamin G. Muniz III
Arthur Nelsonwilliams
Eric J. Newsome
Raymond D. O’Brien
John A. Olabode
Roel K. Orozco
Isaac J. Ortman
Jonathan P. Pagnucco
Brady R. Peters
Matthew C. Poss
Jacob M. Prentiss
Dominic M. Raigoza
John J. Renquist
Peter Riester
Leanne R. Riley
William D.M. Romps
Manuel Rosas
Christopher M. Sands
Matthew J. Schaefer
Jan D. Schotman
John R. Secrist
Jason A. Shaw
Gina M. Slaby
Joseph A. Smutz
Frederick M. Staines
Ryan R. Stickel
Garrett D. Stone
Cindy Suarezvillafane
John R. Sumner
Sean M. Teter
Michael B. Valle
Julio A. Vargas
Kurt A. Welday Jr.
Jacob T. Whiteley
Dante E. Williamson
Edward P. Windas
Note: An (*) by the name indicates the selectee was merit reordered to the top of the promotion list.

Please join me in congratulating these outstanding Supply Corps officers.


Flash from the 49th Chief of Supply Corps
29 SEP 2020

FY21 Indefinite Recall Opportunities

The Supply Corps has opened up limited opportunities for junior lieutenant commander Reserve or FTS Supply Corps officers to continue their career in the active component as 3100 officers. Your ability to deliver strategic depth and operational capability to the Navy, Marine Corps, and Joint Forces is key to meeting the Supply Corps mission and ensuring readiness of our Naval Forces around the globe.

Officers interested in pursuing one of the indefinite recall opportunities should have strong performance records, an educational background in business, or other disciplines with demonstrated quantitative orientation (i.e., engineering or mathematics), completed at least four years of cumulative active commissioned service (may include MOBs, ADSWs, IAs, etc.), and have no more than three years as a lieutenant commander. In order to be competitive as a 3100, a master’s degree is strongly recommended. Officers that have served previously in tough visible tours that balance Supply Corps principle competency development and operational experience is preferred.

Officers selected for these opportunities must be ready to fill leadership and management positions at sea or overseas upon accession to the Active Component. As such, officers must have or must be able to pass a sea/overseas duty medical screening prior to reporting to their assigned duty location/platform.

A board will convene in the fall of 2020 to review packages and make selections. Applications are due 24 October, 2020. For additional eligibility and package requirements, please contact the career counselor (901) 874-4621 or by emailing A sample package can be found on the career counselor website at:

The range and responsibilities held by our Supply Corps officers has never been broader than it is today—and by all accounts we continue to rise to the challenge and perform superbly. I look forward to your applications.


Flash from the 49th Chief of Supply Corps
25 SEP 2020

FY21 Supply Corps Active Component Lieutenant Commander Selections

Congratulations to the following Supply Corps officers who have been selected for promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Commander; a significant career achievement and milestone!

Just as “Honor, Courage and Commitment” represents the foundation upon which our Navy rests, your designation as Lieutenant Commander is now your personal cornerstone ….permanently informing the world that you are a person of honor, integrity and action. Your accomplishment is compelling testimony to your hard work, dedication and willingness to commit to principles and causes greater than yourself. You and your family have every right to be proud that you’ve so successfully captured the spirit of those exalted themes. As you prepare to take on more challenging assignments, I encourage each of you to lean on the leadership qualities you’ve developed throughout your operational tours and employ them in our ever changing logistics environment. Your leadership is paramount to ensure supremacy in 21st century naval warfare. Congratulations!

Branden J. Albrecht
Adam M. Alleman
Blaine M. Allgood
Andrew V. Anderson
Kenneth W. Anderson
Stephen L. Astafan
Frederik J. Auliveld
Rhett C. Barker
Michael J. Barton*
Christopher Battagello*
Juan C. Benavidesbayas
Jason M. Bentley
Jeffrey R. Bland*
David A. Botwin
Ryan J. Cahill
Carissalina Q. Caliste
Eliazar D. Campos
Alex Chery
Brandon J. Cleary
Stacia L. A. Clutts
David B. Connell
Alexander J. Cooper
Zeferino Cortesrodriguez
Elizabeth M. Courtney
Ryan M. Cram
Daniel E. Cripe
Michael A. Curtis
Francisco J. Degollado
Nicholas D. Deschamps
Anthony J. Despota
Aaron B. Diaz
Gladys V. Diaz
Ricardo Elizaldevalencia
Robert L. Ford
Andrea P. Francis
Michael P. Frankhouser*
Tyronie M. Garbutt
Lorenzo Garner, Jr.
Timothy M. Geil
Christopher T. Gerber
Joseph Green, III
Neal R. Greenlund
Stephen C. Hall
Jacob A. Hamilton
Lisa A. Hardman*
John A. Harmony
Edward B. Havel
Emily J. Hawkins*
Faithann M. Hawkins
Jeremy L. Hobbs
Lucas J. Horan*
Walter R. Hussong, II
Hensley G. Hylton
Brett R. Jacobs
Elisa M. Jaime
Charles E. Jamison
Jessica Jimenez*
Jasmine J. Jordan
Samuel S. Jordan*
Alexander M. Julian
Brigid M. Jurgens
Kevin M. Kim
Dartanyon R. King
Gregory M. Kranz
Jacob C. Laird*
Timothy N. Landry
Maynard K. Lee
Justin A. Lemons*
Blake J. Lingad
Tucker M. Livingston*
Michael S. Lucas
Luis E. Luy, Jr.
William J. Lynch
Samuel E. Macavoy
Mark D. G. Macsule
Steven A. Makuch
Joshua J. Mansilla
Michael S. Marchese*
Nathaniel T. Marlow
Gary E. Maurer
Michael T. Mccall
Brendan P. Mccreary
Shaun P. Mcgahan
Phillip E. Mcginnis
Benjamin D. Mclaury
Franklin Middlebrooks
Derrick D. Miller
Eric Min
Jeffrey L. Morgan
David W. Oh*
Christopher D. Okimura
Derrick D. Olson
Bryan H. Pace*
Garrett A. Pace*
John M. Palermo
Kristina M. Parmenter
Ronald R. Parry
Cody R. Perna*
Jonny M. Perry
Leon A. Pinheiro
Jared J. Pitts
Jason L. Potvin
Matthew N. Redmond
Eric J. Richey
Franklin D. Roberson, II
Philip N. Robinson
Pablo J. Rodriguez
Derek A. Roncaioli
Erik M. Rutter
Gustavo B. Santos
Thomas M. Schwander
Eric A. Scoggins
Jarrett A. Seibel*
Aaron J. Shinoff*
Ryan N. Shipley
Taylor A. Shipley*
Samuel D. Shorts
Justin M. Shull
Christopher W. Smith
Terrence L. Smith
Chad D. Stevenson
Andrew P. Stillerman
Matthew G. Stymfal
Vincent V. Tes
Tamsyn O. Thompson
Ernesto B. Tiongco, III
Elliot J. Torresrivera*
Timothy S. Trask, Jr.
Robert M. Vallance
Cory D. Vandivier
Tyler R. Vaughan
Michael J. Vazana
John P. Waggener
Micah R. Wallin
Ryan T. Ward
Christopher B. Wells
John T. Welsh
Matthew R. Wilkens
Heather L. Wilkins
Manyin C. Williams
Jacob P. Williamson
Rosanne M. Witt
Kim L. Wong
Daniel S. Wright
Brandy L. Zehr
Note: An (*) by the name indicates the selectee was merit reordered to the top of the promotion list.

Please join me in congratulating these outstanding Supply Corps officers on their selection.


Message from the Commander
25 SEP 2020

National Suicide Prevention Month

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. Our goal is not to educate during a single month, but instead serve as reminder of a year-round effort to care for your shipmates, co-workers, family, and friends. We must stay vigilant for others and our own well-being.

The 2020 Defense Suicide Prevention Office's theme is "Connect to Protect." This phrase is especially relevant today as we continue to navigate the physical and mental health and wellness effects of a global pandemic environment. Together, we need to promote adaptive, virtual communication strategies that help foster a sense of connection and support among our communities. Promoting an open and inclusive environment improves our well-being, whether we are empowering our shipmates to succeed, deepening our bonds with friends, or expressing empathy with family members when they’re going through a rough patch.

The Navy Suicide Prevention Program’s "Every Sailor, Every Day" 1 Small ACT initiative continues to remind us all that one simple ACT can save a life. It is essential to communicate with individuals, emphasize they are not alone, and remind them seeking help is a sign of strength. ACT stands for:

A - Ask questions to reach out to a person who may need assistance
C - Care, so they know they are valued
T - Treat by getting them the help they need and do not leave them alone

Your 1 Small ACT can make all the difference.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24/7 for everyone at 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433). For the Military Crisis Line 24/7 confidential support, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and press 1, or text to 838255, or visit for chat support. Your local chaplain, Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC), Navy Civilian Employee Assistance Program (DONCEAP), and medical treatment facilities are also available to help. For more information, visit

In addition, the Crisis Text Line is available for help. It's a free, 24/7 support line available to anyone dealing with depression. Text CONNECT to 741741. Now more than ever, it is critical to be there for our shipmates, family, and friends. You know them best. If you see even a small change in their behavior, trust your instincts. Reach out. Ask how they are doing and actively listen to their response. Mental health is as important as physical health. Just letting someone know you are there can make a lifetime of difference.


Flash from the 49th Chief of Supply Corps
22 SEP 2020

FY21 Active Duty Master Chief Results

It gives me great pleasure to announce the following Supply senior enlisted personnel who have been selected for promotion to Master Chief Petty Officer by the FY21 Active Duty E9 Selection Board.

Reaching the rank of Master Chief is a truly significant career milestone. As you prepare to take your assignment next year, I challenge each of you to lean on our history and the diversity of our talent – Sailors, civilians, and families – to “create a climate of operational excellence.” Our efforts at all levels must be grounded in integrity and imbued with the spirit of our core values if we are to achieve operational dominance in an ever more challenging strategic environment. Through it all, the quality of our leadership will be the decisive key to our success. Congratulations!

Master Chief Culinary Specialist
Dusty R. Barnes
Tommy Chavira
Victor Chiquitoguerrero
Ritchie R. Fogata
Eric W. Johnson
Corey D. Montgomery
Anthony J. Naranjo
Willie D. Pearson
Daniel J. Schaeffer
Julius V. Velazco

Master Chief Culinary Specialist Submarine
David M. Pope, II

Master Chief Logistics Specialist
Laking R. Brooks
Louie D. Delavega
Edlyne Diaz
Monique Graves
Ignatius E. Okeiyimor
Tangela L. Rigmaiden
Luis Rodriguez
Sourideth Soumphonphakdy
Georgette I. Spaulding
Bradley W. Stacy
Sherryann M. Stevenson
Charles S. Treadway
Starletha T. Williams

Master Chief Logistics Specialist Submarine
Jonathan L. Hollenbeck

Master Chief Retail Services Specialist
Kinyatto B. Duncan

Please join me in congratulating these outstanding senior enlisted leaders on their selection.


Flash from the 49th Chief of Supply Corps
22 SEP 2020

FY21 Active Duty Senior Chief Results

It gives me great pleasure to announce the following Supply senior enlisted personnel who have been selected for promotion to Senior Chief Petty Officer by the FY21 Active Duty E8 Selection Board.

Reaching the rank of Senior Chief is a significant career milestone. Your deckplate leadership, professional development of junior officers and Sailors, and engagement in the Mess is more important than ever. Continue to lead from the front and keep our fleet strong and ready for sea.

Congratulations on your tremendous accomplishments!

Senior Chief Culinary Specialist
Eber R. Barraza
Prince A. Benton
Marvin D. Bernabe
Zikiya D. Berner
Charles R. Blanton
Moses E. Brathwaite, Jr.
William R. Brewer
Calvin W. Brown
Romonn M. Calhoun
Denis Camarillo
Stanley G. Campbell
Maurice M. Carter
Noel S. Chanco
Ariel C. Coley
Jesus M. Collazo
Linda A. Colter
Lakia N. Davidson
Eduardo E. Davila
Francis F. Delrosario
Michael E. Downey
Nathan T. Fanning
Latoya S. Farrish
Osman J. Fernandez
Korhy F. Flanary
Adam R. Fletcher
Jorge A. Floressanchez
Brian Flournoy
Marshall E. Ford, II
Danalyn T. Foster
James A. Frazier
Michael A. Freitas
Veronyka G. Garcia
Monique R. Golden
Eric R. Gonzalez
Naomi L. Goodwyn
Crystal J. Graham
Byron K. Green
Marco F. Guevarra
Jorge A. Hernandez
Jeffrey C. Herrera
Shamar L. Hope
Sukarno S. Ikbala, Jr.
David B. Jackson
Richard H. Jacobs, III
James M. Jennings
Sonny R. Jimenez
Maximillian K. Johnson
Andrae D. Keith
Matthew J. Lewis
Raymond B. Macasaet
Joseph J. Magri
Sanford R. McCants, Jr.
Kimplachat A. McDuffie
Jocelyn A. Mejia
Gloria N. Moody
Waltine T. Nauta
Shamika C. Nichols
Minardo S. Nicolas
Juan R. Otero
Patrick D. Parigi
James E. Parrott
Candyce M. Pendleton
Matthew J. Reikowski
Travis L. Rhinehart
Frank J. Rice, Jr.
Andre D. Rigmaiden
Ashley L. Rivera
Natasha T. Rogers
Christopher B. Roth
Dong L. Ruan
Randall F. Rufolo
Sherrol G. Samuels
Scott T. Schaare
Christene A. Stewart
Samuel G. Tran
Mario F. Urbina
Jose L. Valenciagomez
Jermaine C. Webber
Jason P. Wozniak
Jamie L. Wyckoff

Senior Chief Culinary Specialist Submarine
Stephan R. Edwards
Kip C. Farrell
Hayden E. Felt
Jacob A. Green
Paul M. Tetreault

Senior Chief Logistics Specialist
Tawanna M. Anderson
William M. Anderson
Hnede N. Appleton
Ryan L. Asiatico
Daniel L. Burner
Wendell J. Cadiente
Alexanderaureli G. Carandang
Michelle D. Careywellington
William T. Champignon
Geddrick Constantino
Dominque L. Daphness
Joey R. Fabunan
Lidia Flores
Martina L. Forde
Renardo H. Francis
David J. Gibson
Jorge A. Gonzalezzarazua
Julius C. Green
Jairo N. Guity
Darren R. Hall
Jason A. Hood
Cindy D. Jimenez
Joseph J. Kelly
Ederson Lambert
Rommel I. Langomez
Jin K. Lee
Claudia N. Mehau
Vincent J. Miller
Richie Z. Miranda
Lillian E. Morales
Erik J. Nagle
Norma A. Porter
Quinton L. Pratt
Jennifer Punch
Javier M. Ramirez
Jesus J. Reyes
Tracy N. Riberdy
Jose A. Sepulvedahernandez
Blanca I. Smiley
Seth O. Swanson
Corey K. Thicklen
Kweku M. Wallace
Teiaundra L. Walters
Kun Wang
Benjamin D. Warner
Jacob R. Williams
Harrison D. Withers
Yuk Y. Wong
Saibei Zhao

Senior Chief Logistics Specialist Submarine
Jamaal N. Bussey
Joel A. Dimarzo
Jeffrey C. Logue
Joshua R. Louviere
Michael E. Lukachie
Michael A. Rios
Joske O. Thursby

Senior Chief Retail Services Specialist
Latorya L. Forte
Arturo J. Hernandez
Paul M. Mendoza
Heather M. Mitchell
Jermaine L. Moore
Yuen T. Restuvog

Please join me in congratulating these outstanding senior enlisted leaders on their selection.


Flash from the Commander NAVSUP and 49th Chief of Supply Corps
18 SEP 2020

National POW/MIA Recognition Day

National Prisoners of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA) Recognition Day provides Americans the opportunity to offer remembrance, honor, and reverence to those who were POWs and those still missing. On September 18, Americans across the nation will gather to honor service members and civilians who were held captive and returned, who remain MIA in countries around the world, as well as affected families and friends.

The black and white banner that symbolizes America's POW/MIAs serves as a reminder of the sacrifices our service members and their families make, and have made, to defend our nation. For every POW/MIA Recognition Day observed since 1982, the flag has flown just below the stars and stripes at the White House - the only flag to ever do so. In 1998, Congress ordered it to also be displayed on Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day.

Just a few weeks ago, the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) announced they had identified the remains of a Sailor killed during World War II. Navy Coxswain Layton T. Banks, 20, of Dallas, Texas was assigned to the battleship USS Oklahoma which was moored at Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, when the ship was attacked by Japanese aircraft on Dec. 7, 1941. The USS Oklahoma sustained multiple torpedo hits which caused it to quickly capsize. The attack on the ship resulted in the deaths of 429 crewmen, including Banks who will now be buried Oct. 24, 2020, in Plano, Texas. DPAA’s mission is to provide the fullest possible accounting for our missing personnel to their families and the nation. They relentlessly pursue finding and recovering the remains of our fallen heroes. For decades our nation has conducted joint field activities to investigate crash and burial sites, and interview the local population for clues regarding our missing service members.

Please join me in paying tribute to heroes like Layton Banks. Take time today to pause, reflect, and remember those who have endured tremendous pain and suffering and those who went missing. We should never forget the sacrifices made by our service members, past and present, that allow us to enjoy the freedoms we have today.


FLASH from the Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command and 49th Chief of Supply Corps
11 SEP 2020

Patriot Day - Nineteenth Anniversary of 9/11

Flags will fly at half-mast today to observe the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. After 19 years, on this Day of Remembrance, we honor and remember the legacy of 9/11 by uniting with our neighbors and communities. Most of us can recall exactly where we were and what we felt as the events unfolded before our eyes.

The world soon realized that America was under attack. Terrorist hijackers crashed American Airlines Flight 11 into the World Trade Center’s North Tower in New York City at 8:46 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time. That unbelievable event was soon followed by United Airlines Flight 175 crashing into the South Tower 17 minutes later. Fifty-one minutes after the attack on our nation began, American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. At 10:03 a.m., United Airlines Flight 93 crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, after passengers and crew members courageously fought four al-Qaeda terrorists for control of the plane.

First responders, local communities, and nations across the globe quickly rose together in the spirit of unity to defeat terrorism.

On this anniversary of 9/11, remember the nearly 3,000 lives lost during the attacks of this fateful date.

Let us remember those selfless citizens, first responders, and our service members who risked their lives and put themselves in harm’s way and continue to fight every day for the safety and freedom of the American people.

The 9/11 attacks were intended to diminish our resolve, instead they strengthened our national will, bringing Americans of all backgrounds together. Over more than two centuries, we have shown ourselves to be a resilient people, ready to stand up for each other, united, to defend our values and way of life.

Thank you for your endurance and commitment. Since that day, we have all been running extraordinarily hard to defeat this evil force. Today’s Global Power Competition is certain to continue, and get even more competitive. Stay strong, stay focused and keep pressing.



Flash from the Commander NAVSUP and 49th Chief of Supply Corps
7 AUG 2020

Vice Admiral Robert F. Batchelder Award Selectees for CY 2019

It is my honor to recognize the winners of the calendar year 2019 VADM Robert F. Batchelder Award. Established by the Navy League of the United States (NLUS) in 1983, this special award honors the memory of VADM Batchelder, who served on active duty from 1917-1957 and retired as Inspector General at the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, now Naval Supply Systems Command. This award is presented annually by the Navy League to Supply Corps officers who made significant contributions to the supply readiness of our operating forces, and is a testament to an officer that was significant in shaping the Supply Corps of today. VADM Batchelder represented the best of our Corps, and like him, this year’s recipients personify Navy’s core attributes: Integrity, Accountability, Initiative, Toughness. My sincerest congratulations to these officers and the hard-working teams supporting them. Well done!

This year's recipients and nominating commands are:

Active Component:
LT Jeffrey R. Bland, USS McFaul (DDG 74)
LT Jordan P. Hamilton, USS Mississippi (SSN 782)
LT Cody R. Perna, USS Mesa Verde (LPD 19)
LTJG Richard D. Brown, USS Wasp (LHD 1)

Reserve Component:
LCDR Stefan M. Neuhaus, USNR


Flash from the Commander NAVSUP and 49th Chief of Supply Corps
07 AUG 2020

CY21 SC Commander Milestone Slate


It gives me great pleasure to announce the CY 2021 Commander Milestone assignments. The O-5 Milestone tour is a significant achievement and the next step in your senior officer development. EVERY billet listed below is needed and valued by our mission partners. As you prepare to take your assignment next year, I challenge each of you to lean on our history and the diversity of our talent – Sailors, civilians, and families – to “create a climate of operational excellence.” Our efforts at all levels must be grounded in integrity and imbued with the spirit of our core values if we are to achieve operational dominance in an ever more challenging strategic environment. Through it all, the quality of our leadership will be the decisive key to our success. Congratulations!

Kevin C. Richardson NAVSUP HQ AS 39 EMORY S LAND


Christopher R. Kading OPNAV NSW LOGSU TWO


Christopher M. Lounsberry DLA HDQTRS T-AH 20 COMFORT




Please join me in congratulating these outstanding Supply Corps officers who have been selected to fill these critical leadership billets. Well done!




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