Wonder how your skills translate to the civilian world?

Bridge My Return (BMR) is a Military Hiring Platform that effectively connects Veterans, Transitioning Military, and Guard and Reserve members to career opportunities with Military-ready employers looking to recruit, develop and retain military talent.

Service members leverage BMR’s technology to translate their military skills into civilian skills, create a professional resume and get matched to jobs via the BMR algorithm.

This short video captures the aim, mission, vision and value of BMR.  
click here to view 1-minute video

Your time is valuable. We recognize that.  But we think creating a BMR profile would be an excellent use of your time.  Consider what you’ll get in return: 
  •  Your military skills will be captured and converted into language employers will understand
  •  A resume will be automatically and instantly produced from your completed profile
  •  You’ll see job matches immediately upon profile completion; the software works 24/7, so new matching job opportunities with companies will surface without any additional effort
  •  You’ll have access to online video content to increase transition readiness and confidence 
  •  And all services are provided at NO COST to you
BMR has provided a Profile Assistant (a guided tour) so you can cruise through the profile-building process with ease.  To get started, visit www.bridgemyreturn.com.
After you have created your BMR profile, we (the Foundation and BMR) would like to get your feedback on the user experience.  This information will assist in improving the BMR product as well as providing the Foundation with important input as we explore the possibility of an expanded partnership. You can send feedback to the Transition Committee at transition@unscf.com or to info@bridgemyreturn.com.