Editorial Policy & The Oakleaf Submission Guidelines

All Members are encouraged to submit an article for inclusion in The Oakleaf. Member stories are the highlight of each issue: sea duty, spouse activities, travel, pcs orders, successes and failures. Your experiences are part of our shared Supply Corps story!

Approaches to sharing your story include:
  • Why I joined the Supply Corps
  • NSCS today: lessons from Newport
  • Tale of an event, interesting experience, or tour as a Supply Officer
  • My highlights in the Supply Corps to date
  • Life as a Supply Corps spouse/child/family 
  • How I benefitted from a NSCF program/service 
  • Did you know? Shipboard life today
  • What leadership taught me
  • How I found a Supply Corps mentor
  • Supply Community comradery
  • Inside a NSCF Chapter
  • Memories from sea duty
  • Most valuable lessons learned in the Supply Corps 
  • Why I volunteer for the NSCF
  • My experience Transitioning out of the Navy 
  • How the Supply Corps prepared me for a civilian career
  • My post-Naval career successes and failures
  • Lifelong Supply Corps relationship
  • Why I donate to the NSCF
  • Memory of a Supply Corps Officer
  • Then and now: what's changed over the years
  • History of the Supply Corps
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ARTICLE ATTACHMENT: Articles will be sent as a word attachment (.doc or .docx) format. DO NOT SEND IN .PDF FORMAT.
  • Articles should be approximately 300-500 words. Up to 1,000 words may be accepted with prior approval. 
  • Word doc should be single spaced, with one return (but no indents) between paragraphs
  • Add only one (1) space after each sentence
  • Please also include the title for your article
IMAGES ATTACHMENT: 3-5 related pictures should be submitted along with your article.
  • Images will be sent as separate attachments --DO NOT IMBED IMAGES IN A WORD DOCUMENT  
  • Images must fall into one of these categories: [1] your own work—i.e. you took the photograph; [2] freely licensed; [3] public domain
  • should be in .png or .jpg format
  • official Navy photo should be included for Active Duty Members
IMAGE CAPTIONS ATTACHMENT: A short (1-2 sentences) caption for each image should be submitted as a word document (name, rank, location of people in photos).

*******************************NEW SUBMISSION FORMAT*****************************

Visit HERE to begin your article and/or image submission!