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The U.S. Navy Supply Corps Foundation Hampton Roads (NSCF-HR) is a professional organization of United States Navy Supply Corps Officers, active duty, reserve and retired, residing in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. 

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Rank & Name Position Command Phone
CAPT Michael York President USFF 757-836-6907
CDR Will Morrison Vice President CNSL 757-836-7693
LCDR Neal Greenlund Treasurer FLCN 757-443-1588
LCDR Jeff Bland Secretary USFF 757-836-6872
LCDR Ricardo Elizalde-Valencia Mentorship Coordinator FLCN 757-544-1569
CDR James Donahue Communications/Webmaster C2F 757-836-6156
LCDR Joe Green Community Services Coordinator FLCN/USFF 757-836-3785
LT Jesus Lamberti Event Planning FLCN 757-322-9003
                                                              COMMAND REPS   
Rank & Name Position Command Phone
LCDR Brandon Stewart Primary CNSL 757-836-3177
LCDR Travis Grayum Primary CNAL 757-836-7970
LT Toriana Gaither Primary USFF 757-836-3795
LT Brian Boyd Primary EODESU-2 757-917-6933
CDR Aerrick Steinwand Primary NECC 757-462-3602
LT Maggie Wilcoxon Primary NEXCOM 757-631-3606
LCDR Casey Herbert Primary ESG 2 757-462-1317
LCDR Traci Irby Primary CVN 69 757-443-7457
LCDR Lonny McLeod Primary CVN 73 757-345-1420
LT Melissa Calderwood Primary CVN 74 757-534-0053
LT Brandon Magilke Primary CVN 75 757-443-8180
CDR David Stonecipher Primary CVN 77 757-443-7717
CDR Zach Manriquez Alternate CVN 77 757-443-7717
ENS Ryan O'Connor Primary CVN 78 708-308-1486
ENS Travis Leonardo Primary CVN 79 757-673-2851
LCDR Ricardo Elizalde-Valencia Primary FLC Norfolk 757-544-1569
LCDR Robert Doggett Primary DDNV 757-278-8004
LTJG Robert Timken Primary SUBLANT 757-836-1256
CDR James Donahue Primary C2F 757-836-6156
LTJG Andrew Valladares Primary NNSY 757-967-3778
CDR Ted Herbert Primary NATO 757-747-3477
CDR Adam Hamilton Primary USNS COMFORT 760-889-5139
CDR Diana Maron Primary CJOS 757-836-2611
CDR Jason Monts Primary AMC  757-445-9300
LT James Engelking Primary LOGSU-2 700-434-0430
LT Kyanee McAllister Primary MSC  757-443-2901

News and Info

Upcoming NSCF-HR Community Service Events
NSCF-HR Chapter Members,

We recently supported a CLEAN THE BAY DAY EVENT, and it was a great community service experience!  

*** We are actively trying to add more community service events.  Let us know if you have a charity event you would like to add to this list, or an event you would like to take the lead on as the coordinator for the chapter. ***

Upcoming Community Service Events (12 Months Out)

1. OCTOBER2023 RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE CHARITY EVENT:  We are looking for a volunteer to coordinate and lead.  Please email LCDR Green (joseph.green147.mil@us.navy.mil) if interested. 

2. JANUARY2024 NORFOLK ANIMAL SHELTER VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY:  We are looking for a volunteer to coordinate and lead.  Please email LCDR Green if interested. 

APRIL2024 SOUTHSIDE BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB EARTH DAY PROJECT:  We are looking for a volunteer to coordinate and lead.  Please email LCDR Green if interested. 

We hope to see you all at each of these events to better our community! 

Very respectfully,
NSCF-HR Community Services Team  

May 15, 2023

Upcoming Events

Summer 2023 Wine Social

Saturday Sep 23, 2023

2023 Supply Corps Junior Officer Training Symposium

Wednesday Oct 04, 2023

Fall Golf Tournament 2023

Friday Oct 13, 2023