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The U.S. Navy Supply Corps Foundation Hampton Roads (NSCF-HR) is a professional organization of United States Navy Supply Corps Officers, active duty, reserve and retired, residing in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. 

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Rank & Name Position Command Phone E-mail
CAPT Andy Matthews President CNSL 757-836-3249 andrew.m.matthews@navy.mil
LCDR Chris Sands Vice President FLCN 717-805-8155 cmichaelsands@gmail.com
LT Lonnie McHugh Comms Director CRG2 757-417-4263 lonnie.mchugh@navy.mil
LTJG Peter Watson Treasurer VFA-106 757-433-9292 peter.e.watson@navy.mil
LTJG Cora Cochrane Webmaster FLCN 757-443-5612 coralicemar.cochrane@navy.mil
LTJG Bryan Prohaska Webmaster (Alt) FLCN 757 322-1803 Bryan.Prohaska@navy.mil
LT Steven Dickens Membership Development Director NWDC 757-341-2147 steven.m.dickens@navy.mil
LT Laura Clarke Community Service Coordinator USFF 757-836-6872 laura.a.clarke@navy.mil
                                                                      COMMAND REPS   
Rank & Name Position Command Phone E-mail
CAPT Eileen B. Werve Primary CNRFC 757-322-6687 eileen.b.werve@navy.mil
CDR Geno Lattus Primary CNAL 757-836-7665 gene.m.lattus@navy.mil
LCDR Max Kojm Alternate CNAL 757-836-7732 peter.m.kojm@navy.mil
LT Laura Clarke Primary USFF 757-836-6872 laura.a.clarke@navy.mil
LT Hensley Hylton Primary CRG-2 757-417-4261 hensley.hylton@navy.mil
LT Lonnie McHugh Alternate CRG-2 757-417-4263 lonnie.mchugh@navy.mil
LTJG Margaret Straw Primary NEXCOM 757-631-3606 margaret.straw@nexweb.org
LCDR Adam Coombs Primary CVN 77 757-443-7717 adam.coombs@cvn77.navy.mil
ENS Johnnathan Castillo Primary CVN 69 601-917-6947 johnnathan.castillo@cvn69.navy.mil
LTJG Shanita Williams Primary CVN 73 301-908-6951 shanita.williams@cvn73.navy.mil
LCDR Gibb Dungey Primary EODESU 2 757-917-6401 gibb.a.dungey@navy.mil
CDR Dave Carroll Primary CNSL 757-839-3484 david.carroll3@navy.mil
LCDR Sanjay Sharma Primary FLC Norfolk 757-443-5112 sanjay.sharma1@navy.mil
LCDR Jason Pfaff Primary SUBLANT 757-836-1424 jason.j.pfaff1@navy.mil
LCDR Ryan Cullinan Primary C2F 757-836-4835 robert.r.cullinan1@navy.mil
CDR Donald Toso Primary RCCMA/Reservist LNO 757-341-5916 donald.toso@navy.mil

News and Info

2020 Supply Corps Birthday Ball Committee


We’re soliciting members interested in assisting with organizing and hosting this year’s Supply Corps Birthday Ball scheduled for Friday, March 27th at the Waterside Marriott.

The Birthday Ball is one of our biggest events.  It’s planning committee offers a terrific opportunity to assist our Association while expanding your professional network.  If you are interested in being a part of the team, please contact:

-  CDR Dave Carroll (CNSL Assistant Supply Officer) at david.carroll3@navy.mil or (757) 836-3484; and
-  LT Dessi Rabell (CNSL Services Officer) at dessislava.rabell@navy.mil or (757) 836-3290.

See you at the Ball!
November 05, 2019

Upcoming Events

Meals at the Mission - Community Service Event

Monday Dec 09, 2019

2019 Holiday Gathering

Thursday Dec 19, 2019

Save the Date - Hampton Roads 2020 Navy Supply Corps Ball

Friday Mar 27, 2020