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NSCF-Mechanicsburg has arranged a Professional Development tour of the Hershey Distribution Center!

Date:  Friday, December 6th 
Time:  1000 -1200
Address: 500 N Lingle Avenue Palmyra, PA  17078
Length of tour: ~ 2 hr
Dress code: business casual
Seats available: 15
RSVP to LT Dong Logan by Friday, 22 NOV (
Mechanicsburg 10/09/2019
Greetings Mech Area Supply Corps Officers,
BLUF: Due to some scheduling challenges the OP Roadshow will now be visiting Mechanicsburg 09-11 DEC 2019.

  • Detailer interviews 09-11 DEC
  • Roadshow brief 09 DEC, 1630-1800
  • Social event 09 DEC, 1800-2000
  • Spouses roadshow 10 DEC, 1730-1930
OP Roadshow Brief will be held on Monday, 09 DEC from 1630-1800 in the BLDG. 309 Auditorium aboard NSA Mechanicsburg.  There will be a social event immediately following the brief, open to all Supply Corps Officers and spouses on Monday, 9 December 1800-2000 (Ever Grain Craft Kitchen – 4444 Carlisle Pike, Camp Hill, PA).

The social event will cost $10 per person and the details are provided on the link below.
The Spouse OP Roadshow will be held on Tuesday, 10 DEC 1800-1930 in BLDG. 14 (Special Events Forum), Classroom #5 aboard NSA Mechanicsburg.  PLEASE SUPPORT!! Select hyperlink below to RSVP.
During Roadshow visit, there will be opportunities for one-on-one interviews with detailers.  CAPT Kerry Pearson (Director of Supply Corps Personnel) and CAPT Michael McCormack (Director of Detailing Division) will conduct O-6 and O-5 interviews.  CDR Doyne Clem (Officer Community Manager) and CDR Joe Bossi (Pit Boss/LCDR Detailer) will conduct O-4 and junior interviews. LCDR Marcus Craig (LT Operational/PG School Detailer) and LCDR Travis Grayum (LT Shore/Overseas Detailer) will also conduct O-4 and junior interviews.
Interviews will be conducted in BLDG 310.  Please enter via side entrance adjacent to WSS on K street and you’ll be greeted and escorted to your interview room.  Interview times are listed below (30 minute time slots)
          - Monday, 09 Dec: 1400-1600
          - Tuesday, 10 Dec: 0800-0930; 1000-1130; 1230-1400; 1430-1630
          - Wednesday, 11 Dec: 0800-0930; 1000-1100
To schedule detailer interviews, please request a time slot NLT Friday, 22 NOV 2019:
  • Email point of contact (POC) with the following information:
    • First and last name
    • UIC
    • Command
    • Phone number (for use in OP database)
    • Email address (for use in OP database)
    • Three dates and times* (30-minute slots) in order of preference:
      • Date, Time (1st choice)
      • Date, Time (2nd choice)
      • Date, Time (3rd choice)
  • POCs:

*If you will be out of town, but will be available via phone for an interview please include that information in the email
Mechanicsburg 10/09/2019
Greetings, NSCF Jacksonville!  Below is a list of events, holiday/special liberty dates, and meetings. 

October 2019

11 October:  Lunchtime Monthly Meeting
12 October:  Columbus Day (72-Hour Special Liberty)
14 October:  Columbus Day Observance (72-Hour Special Liberty)
25 October:  Amazing Grace Fall Festival
30 October:  Chili Cookoff (@ HQ)

November 2019

08 November:  Lunchtime Monthly Meeting
09 November:  Veteran's Day (72-Hour Special Liberty)
11 November:  Veteran's Day Observance (72-Hour Special Liberty)
15 November:  Wardroom Family Night
28 November:  Thanksgiving (96-Hour Special Liberty)
29 November:  Thanksgiving (96-Hour Special Liberty)

December 2019

06 December:  Golf Tournament (Eagle Landing)
08 December:  Jaguars vs. Chargers Tailgate
10 December:  LCDR Conyer's Retirement Ceremony
24 December:  Christmas Eve (72-Hour Special Liberty)
25 December:  Christmas Day (72-Hour Special Liberty)
26 December:  (72-Hour Special Liberty)
31 December:  New Year's Eve (72-Hour Special Liberty)

January 2020

01 January:  New Year's Day (72-Hour Special Liberty)
02 January:  72-Hour Special Liberty
17 January:  Monthly Meeting

February 2020

21 February:  Monthly Meeting

March 2020

06 March:  Supply Corps Ball (TBD)
20 March:  Monthly Meeting

Jacksonville 10/11/2019
Where:  Commonwealth Brewing Company, 2444 Pleasure House Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455
Date:  Thursday, October 17, 2019,
Time:  1600

Remember to bring cash for the 50/50 raffle!  Tickets will be $5/ticket or $10/3 tickets. 

Hampton Roads 10/17/2019
Volunteer to support our bretheren in the VA hospital.
Mechanicsburg 10/18/2019
Mechanicsburg 10/21/2019
The Supply Corps detailers will be in town the 23-25 October. Brief will be at 1730 in Glasgow 102. Social event will follow in the trident room. Please utilize the Excel sheet in your email to sign up.
Monterey 10/23/2019
Come out to remember a great shipmate and support a worthy charity.

Register at
Patuxent River 10/23/2019 Contact
Mechanicsburg 10/24/2019
Mechanicsburg 10/24/2019
Mechanicsburg 10/25/2019
Washington DC 11/08/2019
Hampton Roads Supply Corps Foundation,

The annual Supply Corps Alls Call event will be held 8 November 2019.  The event provides a great opportunity to meet new friends, catch up with mentors, and recount seas stories with old shipmates.  

Official invitation and details to follow.  For now, just save a place on your calendar.

Very Respectfully,
NSCF-Hampton Roads Chapter Communications

Hampton Roads 11/08/2019
Mechanicsburg 11/08/2019
Mechanicsburg 11/22/2019
Mechanicsburg 01/13/2020
Mechanicsburg 03/07/2020
Save the Date! 

The 225th Birthday Ball is May 21st 2020 at the Castle Hill Inn in Newport RI!

The Supply Corps Symposium is May 22nd at Navy Supply Corps School in Newport RI.  

Come one come all!  
Newport RI 05/21/2020