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FLASH FROM THE CHIEF: NAVSUP Logisticians of the Year
FLASH FROM THE CHIEF: NAVSUP Logisticians of the Year
Flash from the Commander NAVSUP and Chief of Supply Corps
30 SEP 2019

NAVSUP Logisticians of the Year

It gives me great pleasure to announce the winners of the Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Logisticians of the Year. Recognizing our best military and civilian logisticians and our best team, they were also NAVSUP’s Admiral Stan Arthur Awards nominees.

Military Logistician of the Year: Lt. Cmdr. Scott Long, NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support (WSS)

While serving as director, F/A-18 and EA-18G Integrated Weapons Support Team, Long provided exceptional supply and logistics support for all Navy and Marine Corps F-18 aircraft variants. His efforts resulted in a 39 percent reduction in backorders for the Fleet’s Top 25 material readiness degraders. He was a key leader in helping Navy achieve the highest number of mission capable strike fighter aircraft in over five years. Long was also selected as the Admiral Stan Arthur Awards Military Logistician of the Year.

Civilian Logistician of the Year: Mr. Jeffery Livelsberger, NAVSUP WSS

As End Item Management Division Head, Livelsberger revolutionized Navy surface ships’ shaft management, improving Navy readiness. He reduced the risk of stock outs by transitioning the shafts from Naval Sea Systems Command to NAVSUP WSS cognizance, funded via Navy working capital fund rather than appropriated funds. This new process is under consideration as the preferred support method for similar Navy end items.

NAVSUP Logistics Team of the Year: NAVSUP FLC San Diego Wireless Spiral 3 Team

In concert with Navy Strategic Sourcing Program Management Office, the team developed an innovative acquisition strategy that enhanced wireless services based on usage data, customer requirements, market research, and commercial best practices to deliver a cost effective, best-value suite of contracts. The new contract will save Navy $62.1 million over six years. Team members include: Cmdr. Joel Pitel, Marcia Cruz, Mark Ascione, Maria Papet, Juana Perez and Tine Thompson. The Wireless Spiral 3 Team is also the Navy nominee for the 2019 Defense Acquisition Workforce Awards, Flexibility in Contracting Award.

Please join me in congratulating Lt. Cmdr. Scott Long, Mr. Jeffery Livelsberger and the NAVSUP FLC San Diego Wireless Spiral 3 Team on their exceptional accomplishments!


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