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Keeping up with our Foundation Committees
Keeping up with our Foundation Committees
The Foundation works to bring our Community the support and resources needed to “take care of our own”. See what’s going on and how you can help:

The Transition Committee: Have you recently transitioned out of the military? Preparing to do so now? The Transition Committee assists officers transitioning to the civilian world after several years, or a career, serving in the military. Transitioning can cause anxiety for many military members and their families. And for good reason—deciding where to live, where to work, the type of work to do and where the kids will go to school are life-changing choices.Though moving from base-to-base often involves a change in lifestyle, transitioning to the civilian workforce brings an additional set of challenges.The Transition Committee aims to provide guidance, resources and job opportunities to our member through our website at and on our LinkedIn page . To share your Transition story, email .

The Development Committee:  Your Navy Supply Corps Foundation continues to provide financial support through scholarships. This year, despite unique financial challenges to the Founda­tion’s asset base, 85 well-deserving students are receiving scholarships to provide a brighter future for all of us. Please consider helping fulfill the mission of the Founda­tion today through an online contribution before the end of 2020. There is no better time than 2020 to make your donation to the Foundation since the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act provides revised rules for charitable donations in 2020 only:
- Under the CARES Act, taxpayers who do not itemize their deductions will be able to claim a charitable deduction of up to $300 for cash donations made in 2020.
- For taxpayers who already itemize, in 2020 the deduction available on cash contri­butions to charitable organizations has been increased from 60% of Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) to 100% of AGI. Taxpayers can carry donations greater than 100% of AGI to future years. Of note: this applies only to cash contri­butions and not to long-term appreciated assets, which enjoy long-term capital gain tax treatment. The charitable deduction for long-term appreciated assets is still capped at 30% of AGI.
- For corporations, the deductibility of cash contributions has been increased temporarily from 10% to 25% of taxable income.
Please consult your tax advisor regarding details of all provisions of the CARES Act related to charitable contribu­tions. Bottomline: The need has never been greater and the incentives have never been stronger to support one another…please donate what you can today! Visit the Foundation website at: Ships_Store/MakeDonation . We are the Navy Supply Corps Foundation, always “Taking Care of Our Own”.
The Volunteer Committee:  We are excited to introduce a unique opportunity for our most engaged and active chapter members. The Foundation recently established a permanent Volunteer Committee to fill the wide range of service opportunities available on Foundation committees and programs. The Volunteer Committee is open to members of the Foundation (active, reserve, retired and former Supply Corps officers), their spouses and members of the enlisted Supply ratings (those eligible for Foundation scholarships). Committee members will be assigned to a committee or program based on personal interest and Foundation needs. Current volunteer opportunities include serving on the Heritage Committee, Family Aid and Support Team, Budget Committee, and others. Much of the work and communication will be handled virtually, but there may be opportunities for volunteers to attend Foundation board meetings as non-voting members and as needs require. This opportunity will also give volunteers a chance to work closely with board members, developing relationships and mentoring possibilities. If you’re interested or for more information, please email .
The Investment Advisory Committee (IAC):  The IAC is looking for 2-3 volunteers who are Financial Planners, Wealth Managers, or who work in the Financial Services Industry, to be members of the Investment Advisory Committee (IAC). The IAC is continually looking to improve metrics to gauge performance and asset allocation. The Investment Advisory Committee holds virtual monthly meetings (via conference call) and follows a strict investment discipline guided by the NSCF Investment Policy Statement (IPS). Any Foundation members interested in assisting the IAC should send a resume/CSV to .
The Chapter Relations Committee:  Do you live in North Carolina or South Carolina? There’s a NEW CHAPTER opportunity! Chapters are created if the population and the interest of Supply officers in a particular area is great enough to support regular engagement. LCDR (ret) Wes Griffin, a Foundation member living in the greater Charlotte area, would like to gauge the interest of our North and South Carolina members to deter­mine if it is feasible to start a Carolinas Chapter to support our Supply Corps families living in the area. Does a local Foundation Chapter interest you? Would you like to learn more about this opportunity? Please reach out directly to Wes for more information at #704-794-5426 or .