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The Fun Bunch is needed during COVID
The Fun Bunch is needed during COVID
As we all adjust to the lifestyle changes brought on by COVID, our Supply Family has an opportunity to ease the burden on Supply spouses. Recognizing the increased need to support our spouses and provide safe socialization, the Navy Supply Corps Foundation has created a spouse support group, the Fun Bunch, to serve our families in connection with our 37 Chapters around the world.
The Fun Bunch is not an official spouse club, but is a more casual, loosely organized group—open to all spouses of active duty, former, retired and deceased Supply Corps officers, with an emphasis on fun! The Fun Bunch is centered on shared experiences, opportunities for engagement with each other and the community, and establishing or renewing family friendships within the Supply Corps.
Connecting with Supply spouses can make a big difference in the lives of our families. With fewer opportunities for engagement, spouses find the Fun Bunch bridges the gaps in socialization and support. Hampton Roads, Hawaii, Mechanicsburg and San Diego have active groups meeting at this time. Would you like to see a Fun Bunch in your area? It only take a few spouses to get a group started!

For more information about getting a Fun Bunch started in your area, or to show your interest in participating in a group, please contact Gracie Dziewiatkowski at . Gracie is the Spouse Representative on the Foundation Board of Directors and would be happy to help you learn more about our Fun Bunch opportunity. With many Supply spouses struggling to find the camaraderie and support they need during these hard times, your outreach can be the start of a lifelong friendship!