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Thank you for a successful 2020~
Thank you for a successful 2020~
Dear Fellow Supply Corps Officers and Friends, 

I hope you and your family have persevered through the challenges of the past year and are safe and healthy. With full deployment of the vaccine, the Foundation looks forward to moving beyond this crisis and returning to a more normal life. Of note, the vaccine distribution highlights the importance of logistics and the vital role many of our Supply Corps officers are playing in this effort. We remain grateful to them and all of those working to manage the crisis on our behalf.

Last February when I wrote my first letter as Chairman of the Navy Supply Corps Foundation, I could never have imagined the year that would follow. Our birthday celebrations, chapter events, and board meetings all went virtual. Our focus quickly went to ensuring that the Foundation, both fiscally and operationally, was positioned to continue its mission throughout the pandemic.

I am happy to report that the Foundation maintained our momentum in 2020. The attached infographic highlights our 2020 achievements and our Annual Report will be published shortly to offer greater detail. From Scholarships to Heritage to Transition and beyond, we executed our programs in a lean and effective manner. Your generous support was a key driver in this success. Thank you.

As we begin 2021, we have started executing our 2021-2023 Strategic Plan—much of it reflects the inputs from our membership survey. Look for a summary of the Plan in our spring issue of The Oakleaf. Also in this issue, as the anniversaries of 911 (20th), Desert Storm (30th) and the Korean War (70th) approach, the Heritage Committee will share our members’ memories and stories of the Supply Corps role in these historical events. Along with these stories, we ask for your help identifying our Foundation members over 90 years old for recognition in our Vintage Oakleaf Club—a distinct group of Supply Corps officers. And, don't forget to visit our website for information on all our programs and services, including the Foundation’s Scholarship Program, which is accepting scholarship applications for the 2021-2022 school year through March 12th.

I hope you share our perspective on the value the Navy Supply Corps Foundation brings to its members, taking care of our own and preserving the Supply Corps history and traditions! With your continued support we can make a difference in the lives of our Supply Corps Community.

Thank you again for a successful 2020. I wish you a happy 226th Supply Corps Anniversary!