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Honor Our Heritage - Book Giveaway
Honor Our Heritage - Book Giveaway
Honor our heritage. Share your Supply Corps story and receive the Navy Supply Corps History Book! 

The Navy Supply Corps Foundation strives to learn more about the lives of our Supply Community through your compelling stories and experiences serving our nation. Capturing your stories serves to honor our shared heritage and preserve our Supply Corps traditions. 

The stories of our men and women of the United States Navy Supply Corps are unique and relevant. You offer a perspective that may not be experienced by others in the same way. The value in sharing our stories goes beyond today–bringing depth and dimension to historical events and helping to shape a greater understanding of our role in the Navy and our service to the United States of America. 

Record your story with NSCF to receive a copy of Ready for Sea: The History of the U.S. Navy Supply Corps. 

Start your online submission today! 

- Member must be registered on the Navy Supply Corps Foundation Website ( with current email and mailing address
- Story must be a minimum of 250 words or 1,500 characters
- Images can be added
- Submission must be "signed"

For more information about this project, email the NSCF Communications Director at