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Honor Our Heritage, Invest In Our Future
Honor Our Heritage, Invest In Our Future
Dear Navy Supply Corps Foundation Member,

As our Nation celebrates Veterans Day, we recognize and honor the sacrifice and contributions of our Supply Corps veterans and thank you for your service and dedication to our country. We proudly support our veterans, as well as all who are currently serving in the Supply Corps—this year marks the Navy Supply Corps 226th Birthday!

As we navigated another challenging year amidst the pandemic, the Foundation executed our full range of programs and services in a lean and effective manner. From Scholarships to Heritage, to Transition and beyond, your generous support was a key driver in our success!

The Foundation Scholarship Program provides tuition assistance to members and their families, including Memorial Scholarships for the children of Supply Corps officers who die on active duty. Our Transition Program offers resources to assist officers transitioning from active duty, while our Family Aid and Support Team (FAST) extends relief assistance to our members and their families experiencing times of extreme hardship. All these programs have taken on new importance as members of our Community face financial crises due to the pandemic.

Our Heritage Program sponsors Supply Corps displays, exhibits, and programs on Museum Ships across the country, educating the public on the critical role our Supply Corps serves in our military, as well as preserving the rich history and cherished stories of our Navy Supply Corps.

We are a Community committed to service. Please consider an end of the year donation to keep the Foundation strong, focused, and ready to assist our members throughout 2022. Thank you for being a valuable member of the Navy Supply Corps Foundation and maintaining our great tradition of service and community.

Please take a moment to print the donation form here and mail in your contribution or make an online donation here.

Thank you for "Honoring our Heritage, Investing in our Future".

Stay healthy and safe,