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Letter from the Chair: Supply Corps 227th Birthday
Letter from the Chair: Supply Corps 227th Birthday
Dear Fellow Supply Corps Officers and Friends,

As we celebrate the 227th Supply Corps Birthday, I wish all of you and your families a safe and healthy year with as much return to normalcy as possible. We look forward to the Foundation and its 38 Chapters carefully returning to more in-person activities as conditions permit, with personal safety remaining a top priority. Our sincere thanks continue to go out to our Supply Corps officers, enlisted, and all of those working the pandemic.

We finished a very successful year in 2021 as summarized in the infographic. Thanks to your generosity, the level of donations and new endowments was outstanding. We executed a robust scholarship program and celebrated accomplishments in other mission areas: Heritage, Transition, Family Assistance and Support (FAST), and Recognition. All of this was achieved in a lean and effective manner.

Our Scholarship program for 2022 is well underway. We appreciate your help in spreading the word on the program’s broad opportunities. In addition to scholarships, this year we are emphasizing the need for general unrestricted donations to support our general operations and parallel mission efforts to “promote the Supply Corps heritage and traditions”. As part of this, we have endowments for Heritage, FAST and Recognition programs, and will initiate one for General Operations to support our dedicated staff who make it all happen, particularly in their comprehensive execution of the Scholarship program.

In February, we also held an online Board session which reviewed our plans for 2022, including the efforts of three work groups: ensuring a viable Business Model, building a vision for Heritage, and maximizing the value of our Scholarships to recipients.

I hope that you share our perspective and excitement on the value the Supply Corps Foundation brings to its members, taking care of its own and honoring its heritage! Your donations to our Annual Appeal are an investment in the future of the Supply Corps Foundation and will ensure its continued success and value to its members and their families.

Thank you again for a successful 2021. I wish you a Happy 227th Supply Corps Birthday!
Go Navy Supply Corps.