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What's new with our Museum Ship Exhibits?
What's new with our Museum Ship Exhibits?
Where do Sailors and Officers eat, sleep, do laundry, receive letters/packages, and get paid? Is there a store on board? How do ships have enough supplies at sea? In an effort to answer these and other popular questions posed by the public, the Foundation has partnered with several Museum Ships (USS ALABAMA, USS HORNET, USS INTREPID, USS IOWA, USS MASSACHUSETTS, USS MIDWAY, USS NORTH CAROLINA, USS WISCONSIN) located at ports across the United States, to include Hawaii (USS MISSOURI). 

Under the Heritage Committee, the Ship Display Program was created to capture the traditions and customs of the Navy Supply Corps, as well as tell its cherished story on board some of our most treasured warships. These Memorial Ship Museums are our primary venue to engage and educate the public, providing a record of the Navy Supply Corps history and maritime traditions. From aircraft carriers to battleships, museum ships across the country host 12 to 15 million visitors per year.

Our recent project with Battleship North Carolina includes the Provisions Issue compartment, Officer Galley, and a Storeroom (pictures below). The replica can selections are based on a 1941 photograph and archived Supply Dept. records. The exhibit is still being created, but it is fun to see the progress!


Additionally, at the Battleship IOWA, the Navy Supply Corps Foundation partnership includes support for Vicky's Doghouse Cafe. Located on the main deck, Vicky's is a popular destination for patrons of the museum ship. The signage below was installed just in time for LA Fleet Week!


To learn more about our Museum Ship displays and exhibits, visit our Heritage page! Also, we would love to see pictures of you enjoying these exhibits. Email with photos of your adventures!