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Congratulations 2021 Volunteers & Chapters-of-the-Year!
Congratulations 2021 Volunteers & Chapters-of-the-Year!
The 2021 Volunteers-of-the-Year and the Chapters-of-the-Year selections were named at the Foundation’s 2022 Spring Board of Directors Meeting.

The 2021 Volunteers-of-the-Year are:

 LCDR Lauren Peters from the Hampton Roads Chapter. Lauren raised $4,929 in chapter funds as golf tournament lead, hosted monthly networking gatherings, developed JO mentorship program on Postgrad, OpTour selection, home/life balance. She also reinvigorated Spouses Social and lead multiple community relations efforts, including Toys for Tots.

LCDR Nick Mader from the Philadelphia Chapter. Nick organized Travis Manion Foundation 9/11 Run ISO CAPT Titus, Feast of
Justice food bank support, participated in the Scholarship package review (National Support), ran Adopt a Highway and re-invigorated
community participation. He also was the captain/organizer of the Dragon Boat race team.

LT Terry Hogan from the Mechanicsburg Chapter. Terry organized golf tournament ISO 144, raising $12K, led greater Harrisburg beautification project, Paulus Orchard volunteer efforts, Young Professionals of Harrisburg – various beautification and food bank efforts.

LT Derek Fleming from the San Diego Chapter. Derek led Virtual Mentorship Panel with 100+ attendees, facilitated virtual Spouse event, led Golf Tournament fundraiser with 80+ players. He also contributed to the Children School events and supported plannning efforts to NAVSUP FLC San Diego to host OP Roadshow.

The 2021 Chapters-of-the-Year are:

Hampton Roads (President CAPT Tommy Neville)
Internal Events
Monthly networking/social gathering (virtual and in-person)
JO mentorship program on Postgrad, OpTour selection, home/life balance
3 Spouse Socials
“Beat Army” Holiday Party w/RDML Ott

Outreach Events:
Support to local shelters, mission ministries, and warehouse/yard cleanup. Led coat and food drives.
$1K in toys ISO Toys for Tots 
Formalized Habitat for Humanity partnership for future collaboration.
Local HR Flag Football Coaching Partnership

Mechanicsburg (President CAPT Joe Peth)
Internal Events:
Training with Industry professional development (partnership w/Home Depot)
Annual Golf Tournament
OP Roadshow and mentorship events
Emblematic sales of $470

Outreach Events:
Lebanon VA Hospital support to veterans for Navy birthday.
Paulus Orchard Partnership to mitigate local food insecurity
$1K in toys ISO Toys for Tots

Patuxent River  (President CAPT Matt Brickhaus)
Internal Events:
Holiday party ISO 80 people
4 professional development events ISO 120 people
5 hail and farewells ISO 117 people
Senior Guest Speaker Series (transition support, NSS-S) ISO 92 people

Outreach Events:
393 cumulative community support hours, increasing MoM as HPCON lifted.
156 contact youth sports coaching hours
66 religious support hours
20 hours of veteran event support
106 elderly/disabled minor repair hours
Golf tournament supporting 80+ players

San Diego (President CAPT Brian Anderson)
Internal Events:
4 no-host flag socials ISO chapter members
Annual Golf Tournament
Golf tournament supporting 80+ players

Outreach Events:
OP Roadshow
Senior SC Officer Leader Panel PRODEV

Philadelphia (President CDR Matt Duncan)
Internal Events:
Weekly socials, PRODEV Events.
226th Virtual Birthday Ball viewing party; HPCON delayed 227th in May
First-ever NSCF holiday party with family, international officers
First CAPT John D. Titus Award for fostering military/civilian relations…partnered with Col. (ret) Tom Manion, Travis Manion Foundation

Outreach Events:
Feast of Justice food bank support
Int’l Dragon Boat Regatta Cresencz Cup Winners
CAPT John Titus memorial run…direct partnership with Travis Manion Foundation
Renaming ceremony and Memorial Day wreath laying for Abington War Memorial
Adopt a Highway expanded in Center City, PA
Community Craft Fair supporting $3.2K fundraising

Each of these Chapters devoted significant time, energy, and passion to serve our Supply Community and further the mission of the Navy Supply Corps Foundation. Congratulations to all!

There are many outstanding volunteers across the Foundation’s 39 Chapters. All Chapters are encouraged to identify exceptional volunteers for the 2022 Volunteer-of-the-Year Award, as well as nominate your Chapter for 2022 Chapter-of-the-Year. The due date for 2022 nominations is April 1, 2023. For more information on the nominating process, please email our Recognition Committee Chair.