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Honor Our Heritage, Invest In Our Future
Honor Our Heritage, Invest In Our Future
Dear Navy Supply Corps Foundation Member,

As we celebrate Veterans Day, join us in honoring the sacrifice and contributions of our Navy Supply Corps veterans, and all veterans. This year marks 227 years of Supply Corps service and dedication to our Navy and Nation.

Our Supply Corps Community is active and engaged throughout the Foundation’s 38 Chapters. Active, retired, reserve and former Supply officers, and family members are re-energized and enjoying social, charitable, and mentoring opportunities more than ever this year!

2022 looks to be another successful year for the Foundation’s mission as we execute our full range of programs and services in support of our Members and their families. From Heritage to Scholarships, to Transition and beyond, your generous support is a key driver to our success.

This year during our Annual Appeal, we are emphasizing a theme of “Honor Our Heritage…Invest In Our Future” and are asking for donations to help sustain the Foundation. Your financial support in the area of greatest need ensures the future stability of the Navy Supply Corps Foundation. Your donation will support our general operations, as well as efforts to promote the Supply Corps heritage and traditions that we have all grown to appreciate and treasure.

Thank you for being a valued member of the Navy Supply Corps Foundation, our Supply Corps Family and the United States Navy. Let’s maintain our great tradition of service and community and help “take care of our own”.

Please consider an end of the year donation to keep the Foundation strong, focused, and ready to assist our members in 2023 and beyond. Take a moment now to make an online donation or print the donation form and mail in your contribution.