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CAPT Titus Award
CAPT Titus Award

The Navy Supply Corps Foundation Philadelphia Chapter was first to kick off 2023 Supply Corps Birthday Ball and Celebration.  On February 23, 1795, the United States Navy Supply Corps was officially established by an act of Congress.  On February 17, 2023, the Navy Supply Corps Foundation Philadelphia Chapter celebrated the 228th Supply Corps Birthday with a ball at the Union League in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The Navy Supply Corps Birthday Ball is a longstanding tradition that brings together members of the Navy Supply Corps to celebrate service and honor the corps' rich history.

Our Navy Supply Corps is responsible for providing logistics and supply support to the Navy and other branches of the military.  This includes everything from food and fuel to medical supplies and equipment.  Supply Corps has played an essential role in every major conflict in which the United States has been involved, from the American Revolution to this present day.

Our Chapter’s Navy Supply Corps Birthday Ball is a way to recognize the contributions of those who serve in the Supply Corps and to honor the legacy of those who have come before them.  This event was an elegant affair, with formal attire and a ceremonial cake-cutting ceremony.  Celebration included guest speaker Mr. Robert Irvine (chef, restaurateur and entrepreneur), speeches, toasts, and live music by local Uptown Band, as well as presentation of the CAPT John D. Titus Award.  The CAPT John D. Titus Award was presented to LCDR Dave Coachman for having an exemplary uniformed service record and going the extra mile to foster military and community relations throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area.  Dave’s Wife Michiko received the CAPT Titus Award on his behalf.

A long standing tradition for the Philadelphia Chapter the celebration was held at the Union League in Philadelphia, a historic venue that has hosted many significant events throughout its long history. The Union League was founded in 1862 as a patriotic organization to support the Union during the Civil War.  Today, it is a private social club that is committed to promoting civic engagement and serving the community.